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Distance Domination

Can't kneel in the flesh? Distance domination is the next best thing! I offer FaceTime sessions, phone engagements and email domination for those who need to serve from afar.

Chastity & Key Holding

Do you crave the strict and unflinching erotic control of a domineering woman? Of course you do! Chastity training, key holding and edging schedules - for men who need a little 'extra' training.

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Opulent, excessively equipped and entirely private - my dungeon is currently the largest and most lavish BDSM sanctuary in Seattle. You know you're curious - go ahead, steal a peek - wet your appetite.

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Holiday Happenings and Availability!

You’re tired of the decorations in every store you step into, aren’t you? The ones they started putting up with no hesitation, the moment Halloween passed. Saccharine songs, too many...


Do You Have The Heart Of A Slave? Let’s Talk…  

Every 6 months or so, I republish a different version of this blog; every bit as much a Lifestyle Mistress, as I am a Professional Dominatrix, in my off time, my...

Are You Holding Yourself Back? (Accepting Your Kinks)

Are You Holding Yourself Back? (Accepting Your Kinks)

I had every intention today of writing a blog about something erotic, provocative and perhaps even visually stimulating; but since I’m more than well-known for my tease and denial, I’m...

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For The Love Of Latex: Your Guide To Maintenance And Care Of Your Beloved Rubber

There isnt a lot of middle ground a far as rubber lovers are concerned; those entranced by this fetish typically find themselves gravitating more and more frequently toward the object...


Domina Victoria Is Back From LA!

If you don’t follow my Twitter feed, you might have wondered where I’ve been for the last week. . I’m not one to go MIA, but I realized only after I...


October Vacation Notice and New Dungeon Toys/Offerings!

Each October I release a post singing the praises of Fall as we welcome in another glorious Autumn and consequently, my favorite month of the year.  How could I not?...


New Session Fantasy Offering: Forced Erotic Photo Shoot!

How many times have you stared blankly at your fetlife profile or glanced through your phone, wishing you had a photo that truly encompassed your most erotic moments in fantasy...


Pleasure, Passion and Balance: Keeping Professional Relationships In Perspective!

. The other day, I was having a quiet lunch with a friend; a fellow SW who’s been around in the public view of the industry for MUCH longer than...


The Digital (R)age

Keeping in touch and trying the next NEW social media app has always been my kind of thing… . Well, I should say it *was* until the TOU brigade and...


Serving At Sunrise: A Ritual With My Morning Slave.

He wakes me up with the most devoted foot massage, steamy coffee already set on my bedside table – this silent servant begins my day with the greatest gentleness. Taking...