Electro Rape

Just another reason I love being a Dominatrix.

I am a huge fan of being a pervert, so when I get a slave in here with the same “jump head first into it” attitude, it’s positively magic!

So yesterday, a favorite slave of the dungeon came for a Double Mistress visit with Isadora and I. I say this particular playmate is a favorite simply because he is unabashedly kinky and into almost any scenario, game or activity my twisted little mind can come up with.It didn’t take long before I had concocted a scene where he was pitted against Isadora in a series of games.
Sexy horseback riding (on our spanking horse) – Best lap dance – Sexiest spanking.I played the part of the devious ring leader as Isadora and J competed tirelessly for the highest score…. of course this whole game was designed for poor J to loose but not for lack of trying. (A for effort J).

What’s the prize you ask? Well simply, the winner of the competition would be permitted to fuck the loser in any fashion they choose. *grin* I blush at the memory now, J bent over our bondage table – cross dressed to the 9’s with Ms Isadora thrusting a shockingly cold electrified dildo to open him up a bit…then a nice hard plastic dildo deep inside his tight little ass. Sweating, moaning, panting, and grinding…mmm

And what was I doing during this whole humiliating ordeal? Well I was on the table next to J of course, operating the electro sex device I had wrapped around his cock, giggling from sheer mischievous delight. I loved watching his eyes bug out as I shocked him on and off in varying intensities while Isadora humped away. Don’t feel too bad for him though, he loved every minute of it, grunting a mantra of “fuck me, I want it” through the ball gag we had jammed in his mouth.When all was said and done, the dungeon was a mess. Clothes thrown on to the floor, sweaty sheets, sticky medical gloves covered in lube and a half naked and panting Isadora. Ah…the sites I see on a daily basis.You know you wish you were there…

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