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I love that when you put yourself out there, you are equally met with overwhelming responses from eager slaves who either want to meet you, praise you or apply to be your personal play toy.

As flattering as the marjority of these responses are, I am always amazed at how many people interperate words like “I am NOT looking for a personal slave, but if the right person came alog I might consider it”…into “I am on the hunt! you don’t need to have skills, a good attitude, experience in serving or even live within 500 miles of me – I’m looking for a slave and it’s probably YOU!!!” lol

Truth be told, I think it would be wonderful to meet someone – through PROFESSIONAL encounters – that already has an inkling of the type of Woman I am and what makes me happy. Ideally, their interests would be naturally similiar to mine…that means you are masochistic AND submissive, you ENJOY having pain inflicted on you and are not just enduring it for my sake. I would know this for sure, from having met you in said appointments. Since you would already have played with me a few times, you know what my boundaries are, you are familiar with my protocal and you have read every word of my website. You truly know as much as you can about me before dreaming about some sort of ownership set up.

So if you have recently sent me an email and you are not inquiring about how to book an session with me, my response may be slowed. If your email only included 1 or two sentences – don’t expect a response at all…and if you sent me a lengthy missive detailing every BDSM experience you ever had, how many Mistresses you’ve served and how good you think you’d be as an “oral worship” slave – you can expect me to email your letter to my other Domina friends for a cheap laugh.

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