Whipping Boy…

I’ve had a lot of good experiences, especially over the last couple of years….maybe there’s something in the air, but my slaves seem to have gotten more creative with their playtime. I’d like to think everyone is starting to get tired of trying to remain coy with me, but regardless, I’d really like to talk about one of my favorite sessions ever.

He was a masochist – a true masochist. The kind that warns you about how intense he likes things before he even books his first appointment. I’d gotten those calls before – boys who like to talk about how much the love to be whipped, paddled or slapped but can never hold of to the degree of intensity they request.  

This boy turned out to be quit an exception. His name was Tom – and he was the first to spike my love for single tail whips.

When we first met, it was in the second dungeon I had worked for, Command Performance. He had come in during a play party which at that particular moment was not exactly hopping. A handful of dominants in their 50’s  stood around in their leather garb eating pizza, while the Mortal Combat soundtrack played LOUDLY throughout the entire dungeon (yes, really). I sat alone in one of the private rooms, debating on cutting out early and cutting my losses, when Tom walked in. He was a smaller man, maybe 5ft 6in and 160lbs at best. His entire demeanor screamed SERVITUDE….so to test my judgment I lifted my stiletto clad feet off the floor as he approached, and held them in the air. He instinctively crawled under them to serve as a foot rest – it looked like we had done this a hundred times before. I like a slave who’s receptive….

We chatted for a few minutes about this that and the other…mostly about the ridiculous music being played (mortal combat, really?). He mentioned he wanted to check this party out simply because he had a fetish that was hard to satisfy. My interest was piqued, but before I could demand he elaborate, he began to ask me about myself. I have a lot of interests, I told him. I’m still developing my favorites, CBT has been the most interesting, cross dressing always a good time, but most of all I think I’m very intrigued by the responses I get from certain slaves. You know, when they’re really getting into it, you can just tell. Their bodies seem to move in harmony with what you’re doing to them. Their moans/screams/grunts all seem pleasurable, even when you’re causing pain. It’s like being in a mutual moment of ecstasy, you know?

He laughed nervously. I’m a masochist he continued, I’ve played with a lot of fine people and I’m realizing at this point what I need is a woman with a strong stomach. I enjoy all of the typical fair – corporal punishment, humiliation, bondage etc…but I really get into single tail whipping and electrocution. It’s hard to find someone who can enjoy it as much as I do, and who can ignore a little groaning and screaming.

 I knew exactly what he meant, it’s instinctual to hold back or pause with intense play if your subject sounds like he’s in uncontrollable pain. Being a masochist is all about taking that pain and turning it into something else, enjoying the endorphins and experiencing a heightened sense of bliss. If you’re in so much pain you can’t even think straight, that bliss is never going to happen. We at least agree on that.

Fast forward to three weeks later. He and I have chatted on and off and he’s confident enough that I’m not the type to hold back, if I’m assured that’s what he wants.

 He walks in the dungeon and greets me on his knees….he hands me a bag full of toys to explore while he gets ready. Just what I expected, several leather whips in varying lengths and a small electro unit with a handful of attachments. I notice he’s stripped down entirely, presumptuous, but clearly he’s been waiting a while to get his rocks off. Fine, I get it. I stop wasting time and fasten his hands to the lift in the middle of the dungeon, raising them well above his head. “What’s your safeword?” I ask… “I’m a fucking pussy!!!” he announces….that’s right….you are! Tell me you want this! I hear the desperation in his voice..”I want this, I NEEEEEED this” “Please Mistress, I want this so bad”. I slap him in the mouth as hard as I could. “Thank you Mistress, please continue, pleeeeeeaaaase”. I put his car keys in his hands and purr in his ear….” This is your only insurance, if you drop these keys, I’ll know you’ve passed out. You don’t seem eager to say your safeword if you get my drift.”

The scene began. I started out lightly, shocking him with a prod every so often, below the waist. He was blindfolded so it was lovely to build anticipation. I know he’d never admit it, but I could tell he was afraid. A shock here, another there…faster and faster…more sensitive areas…longer periods of time…. I had barely begun and he was already using all of his will power to not cum all over the floor. I giggled and shocked the tip of his cock – he was NOT expecting that. “These little electro kisses will be used as a reward from now on….you will endure this experience for me, and for your physical submission, I will reward you with a few loving jolts….do you understand?”. It made the scene more fun for him, he tried to hold out longer, knowing it was for me. To experience physical pain not only because it was for HIS pleasure, but for mine as well….and the prospect of being rewarded for something he passionately loved, really formed the beginnings of our bond.

I grabbed a black whip from his bag, still looking brand new, I half expected the price tag to still be on it. Perhaps he bought this one specifically for me today, it couldn’t have been more than 4 feet long so this would ensure more accuracy. Taking a few practice swings, I let the whip hit him in the upper back. Not enough to really welt the skin, but enough to leave bright red streaks across him. His breathing appeared normal – car keys still in hand – not even a hint that he’s experiencing any pain – I’ll continue. I laid into him more and more, going up and down each side of his back, avoiding the spine, in a rhythmic tempo. He was dazed by it, moaning softly, but never jerking away or showing any signs of displeasure. He was a “heavy bottom”, and he indeed had not exaggerated his pain threshold. I could tell that for this particular boy, that while I COULD go harder, I would tear the skin…a few abrasions – no problem, but serious open wounds…no! I continued in this pattern for the better part of 20 minutes before slowing down to a restful stop. I stood still for a few moments catching my breath; my slave still perfectly still. I approached him and removed his blindfold, his eyes were glazed over but his entire face was smiling.

I left him in his bonds as I attached a few electro pads to his cock, it was time for him to be rewarded for his endurance…..”lets see just how much you enjoy electrocution, I teased”. The unit in hand was simple…intensity settings 1-10 and 4 different pulsations, from wave like to just a straight shock. This was my first time with this particular toy, so I took full advantage of each setting. I began to notice him twisting and moaning, I knew what was happening….this was probably something he’d done to himself behind closed doors….and as predicted, he finally finished on the dungeon floor. He was gasping, I was laughing.

I slowly lowered his hands out of the restraints, and with a quick order to lick up his mess, I strolled out of the playspace to go relax in my lounge….

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