A fun game to play with “slaves” who request oral sex…


Warning – This is a kinda graphic posting. If you don’t care to know the intimate details of what I do – stop reading now…

It’s been a while, but still every now and then, a “slave” begs for a little extra attention during a session. For some reason, they think that because I’m as worked up as they are with our D/s play, that I’ve crossed over my sexual boundaries and I’m now just achingly horny for them….(lmao – no…never).

I am thinking of one boy in particular, he seemed totally oblivious to me. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooved what we were doing, but he seemed to think I was worked up because of HIM – not because of the great session we were having. Truth be told, all he could do was lay there on my table, genitals exposed, nipples clamped and eyes blindfolded, and well…moan. I was doing a bit of electro play and was apparently giggling like a school girl as I messed with the intensities.  How he felt that I was dying to jump his bones is beyond me. I just want to electrocute you….don’t you get it?

He began coyly – oh Mistress, would you ever suck my c**k?

 I almost choked, I was laughing so hard when he asked me. Oh dear slave, I whispered – I’m enjoying you far too much right now to stop shocking you…besides if I wanted to go down on you, I would. (I say this sparing him the 45 minute lecture on how presumptions his question was) . 2 minutes go by and he’s getting soooo turned on – I’ve moved from electro play to a little trampling. I’m standing above him on the bondage table, rubbing my stocking clad feet on his face.

OMG – Mistress, I can’t hold back anymore – are you should you can’t make an exception just for me? – Ah, we’ve crossed the line from being hopeful and slightly pushy to being outright manipulative. “Make what exception?” I ask…. I just want to clarify that’s he is in fact asking me again for oral before I decide to punish him for it. I will spare you his vulgar response, but yes, he was silly enough to be asking again.

I’ll tell you what, I WILL go down on you, if you can deep throat “goliath” (what, like you don’t name your dildo’s). He agrees!…I knew he would.   I throw my strap on over my skirt faster than I’ve ever done before, loading Goliath into the holster. Now this….”toy” is massive. It’s the kind of toy you aspire to be able to handle, but you never will be able to, no matter how hard you try.   I free my slave from the bondage table and have him kneel on the floor in front of me. I can see the slight worry in his eyes as he gets a good look at my massive cock. It’s black, 13 inches long and who knows how girthy….

To add insult to future injury, I kinda slap him in the face with it a bit…. “You think you can swallow this?”….”Well, I’ll tell you, I’ve trained a LOT of sluts with this, and NONE of them have ever been able to take the whole thing…” I reeeeeaaaaalllly wanna try Mistress”, he begs.   Go for it, I smile.

He takes his sweet time – just trying to unhinge his jaw enough to get the tip past his teeth was clearly difficult for him, but he’s a trooper and he honestly still thinks I’m really gonna lay my lips on him if he can get this black rod down his throat. Now keep in mind, I’m taunting him the whole time….telling him how my lips would feel, how he’s a fucking pussy, how he could never satisfy my big black cock and so on… I’m terribly amused and he’s near choking. His eyes are watering, and I can HEAR him fighting his gag reflex, but HE PRESSES ON!!! lol

“You’re such a good boy, trying so hard to meet my demands” – a look of relief crosses his face with my soothing words – “but I have to tell you, if you don’t swallow this whole thing, I’m gonna fuck you with it”. He quickly pulls off my cock, choking, begging not to be raped by this toy. He’s frantic, trembling, adorable – kissing my stilettos on his hands and knees, begging to be let off the hook.

 I never had any intention of fucking him with it, but he specifically requested a little psychodrama with his session….so, who am I to give him peace of mind here. I grab the lube from the drawer, and order him to turn around. “Oh god Mistress mumble mumble, incoherent babble, begging etc…”

I’m standing behind him, making random noises…he assumes I’m preparing to go at him…lol What I’m really doing is going through a small bag he had brought with him to his session. Much to my delight was a chastity device – CB 6000 – gods gift to Dominant women! All I was hoping to find in this bag is a few clamps or a cock ring…something I could send him home in.  I snatch the key and quickly lube it up….don a medical glove, and yes – I shoved it up his ass. *grin* He gasps, moans and desperately tries to figure out what’s inside of him. lol

Stand up slave!!!!  Nervous and surprisingly erect, he faces me. I just look down at his unit…raising an eyebrow. You enjoyed the idea of possibly being forced to take on Goliath did you?   “Oh yes, Miss….but I could never”…  I know. I know. I wait for his erection to go down before fixating the device.

7 days in this thing, you hear me? No touching yourself, no erections, no sex….nothing, and every time you have the urge, I want you to think about why you really asked a Dominatrix to suck you off.  He blushed, smiled and kissed my boots feverishly. Discipline and a mind fuck – that day we both got what we really wanted.

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