Attn: Stiletto Worshippers and Foot Fetishists

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Note: This is an older posting, but I was doing a bit of shoe shopping this morning and I decided that now would be a good time to bump this to the top. I’m really in the mood for a good foot massage today!

Take a look stiletto slaves – get a good look at this line up of gorgeous shoes….you may very well just see me wearing a few of these during your next appointment!!!                             

 I’ve spent a very gratifying morning adding this lovely group to my amazon wish list. I suppose it is stereotypical – women and accessories go hand in hand, but to hell with it –  I love stilettos! And yes, I’m the type of woman who literally has 7  pairs of plain black peep toe pumps. They all have very subtle differences, and serve very different purposes, but alas I can never have too many pairs. A nice pair of sky high heels just makes everything sexier – I know you agree? I even have a few specifically designated for heavy trampling sessions – they are designed  to create a better sense of balance, ensuring  I don’t hurt myself when standing on a willing slaves chest.

I’ve come to realize that with my passion for shoes, comes a passion for stiletto worship, foot worship and trampling. There’s nothing more erotic that having a slave beneath me, teasing them with a gorgeous pair of high heels that I myself, also adore…allowing them to suck on the heel – forcing them to lick the very bottom of my sole. Needless to say, to indulge my own fetish I need visual variety.

So – these are just a few images of some of the fun things I’ve added, but if you are so inclined to see more…then enjoy this link ~

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