Something new….

Every few months, I go through a period where I can’t seem to get enough new toys…for the dungeon of course.

 I never like to repeat things I’ve done in sessions and I pride myself on keeping things creative and interesting. This begs the question, when you have a decent well rounded collection at your disposal, what type if new item(s) do you add?

When I go on such a shopping spree, I’m always inclined to buy what I like – new leather items (whips, floggers, straps etc…) but here in Portland, that kind of pain play isn’t so predominant as other parts of the country…so for the time being, those purchases aren’t necessarily the best choices. With that in mind, I’ve created several wish lists (see my website if your interested) of items I am considering. Some items are more kinky than others, but all of them add a little variety and spice. In the meantime, my question to you dear boys…

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