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4 Thoughts to “Killer Dress…”

  1. Tom

    Hello Victoria: Would you like me to buy that dress for you?


    1. Oh my dear Tom….are you the wonderful gent I had the pleasure of meeting last week?
      If you are so inclined to bring me that dress, I wouldn’t be able to refuse, but please never feel that sort of thing is necessary – having a masochistic playmate like you is gift enough!

  2. SissyMarie

    Yes, yes indeed, that is quite an erotic dress. The plunging backside is extremely alluring (stating the obvious).

    However, I would LOVE to know what is it exactly about the dress that makes it “gorgeous” in your eyes.

    FYI – it is also VERY hot that you had a male willing to buy the dress for you. Gotta know… did you get it? From him?

  3. Tom did not purchase the dress….most boys who like to TALK about gifting/tributing a Mistress are just that – all talk. I did get a notice from today that two surprises are on their way to me…I put two and two together and assume those are from you!

    What makes this particular dress stunning in my eyes is the way the latex is drapped. The back of the dress, the flow of the skirt, even the neckline is gorgeous and elegant. I stay away from traditional latex designs because they all seem overdone and uninspired. This seemed different and thus – gorgeous!

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