My creepy house and awesome seafood!

I know I haven’t been writing the last couple of days and despite the requests to answer certain questions or talk about particular fetishes, I am still suffering from writers block. It comes in waves honestly. On the list of pending requests, I will be posting a tale of domestic bliss about Infantilism, talking about my favorite types of insertable toys, and last but not least making a very exciting announcement about a dear friend of mine who will be making her way into the Seattle BDSM scene.

I’m more a person of actions than words, so if you’ve emailed a request and you haven’t seen it posted just yet – don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s difficult for me to write blogs that are not too vulgar for the majority of my readers as well as ensuring I protect the privacy of the person I may be writing about. Some fetishes are so specific that by their very nature they may give someone away. I certainly wouldn’t want that!

So with a looming personal and professional to do list – I haven’t been able to get much sleep tonight. It’s 7am and I’m still awake *sigh* at this point it’s to late in the morning to go back to sleep, but still to early to prepare for my first appointment. So what’s a girl to do?

I’ve began to notice my apartment is rather creepy at night. I only moved in about a week ago so everything still has that new unfamiliar feeling and I’m still getting used to the creaks and sounds of the building itself. Ah – new construction. In any case, I’ve had a chilling morning walking around my space just taking it all in. This is by far the largest place I’ve ever lived outside of my childhood home so there’s more than a fair share of dark corners. Very creepy.

On another note, I’ve been meaning to rave about a new (to me) restaurant. I’m originally from Florida so I take my seafood very seriously! Having travelled around the country the last couple of years, I have come to find a rather disappointing shortage of awesome seafood restaurants. So, being new to the area I asked a new friend their favorite local joint…a few places were named, but Elliot’s was on the list….I went later that evening….Holy….Shit.

I was fortunate enough to be joined with someone who shared my passion for shellfish so we ordered several small items to share. Goue Duck tare tare, spicy Dungeness crab chowder, spicy grilled Dungeness crab and for dessert graham cracked covered fried truffles with ice cream and sunken chocolate souffle a la mode. This was by far the best restaurant meal I have had in years. So thank  you dear visitor for your suggestion! And for those of you who have not been there – get off your ass and GO! It’s amazing, you will thank me later.

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