For days I’ve been trying to type out a blog about infantilism to share by request…the problem is, the sessions I have done catering to this fetish  are SO specific I worry that they would give the individual away. Typically I will only write about a scene if I’ve either been told by everyone involved that it’s entirely okay, or if the scene is so non specific that there’s simply no way for anyone to determine who I am writing about.

With that said, I do have a new toy who will be coming to play with me quite soon…actually as soon as his plastic diapers I made him order arrive in the mail. For now, we will all refer to him as diaper slut…(ah, I bet your face is blushing a bit by now, isn’t it baby boy?) In any case, since it was by his request I write a blog about adult infants, I will allow him to not only partake in the session but to serve as my muse in writing. So now that the pressure (for him) is on, you will all have this to look forward to as soon as we’ve had our playtime.