I had nothing but the best intentions yesterday in doing a bit of a photo shoot for you all, but alas, yesterday turned out to be my busiest day yet.

I did manage to take a few shots of my playspace, and one of myself showcasing a new costume before I had to run off to whip a few boys into shape.  These pics were taken from the corner of my main playroom. The lighting is dark,  larger images will be posted on my site for more clarity. I know many of you are curious to my equipment and toys…who am I to disappoint? Rest assured I will keep you posted!

 And this little number? I’ve said it 100 times by now – I LOVE role play, so I thought it’d be appropriate for me to go all out with one of my favorite “roles” – police officer.

“Oh you’ll do anything I say if I don’t arrest you? Really? Huh… take off your clothes and come with me.” You can’t tell from the size of the photo (an enlarged one will appear on my site) but my costume is complete with handcuffs, taser and an asp. Aside from the very short skirt, it’s actually very realistic. It just makes me want to do a full cavity search on some helpless suspect. So really read boys, unless you want to find yourself cuffed and rudely bent over a table for a full inspection, don’t do anything to make me suspicious.

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