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Let me tell you guys…there’s an art to asking for a discount.

Times are tough – but we can’t ride that wave of economic woe forever. You’re struggling to pay the bills, but you still wanna have a good time… the argument of “bad economy” doesn’t hold ground for many in the adult industry because quite frankly times can be hard for us as well. What’s a savvy pooner to do?

If you’re cruising for adult services it’s always “buyer beware” and “you get what you pay for.” When ladies of the industry feel the financial squeeze it is perfectly normal for them to offer specials and discounts, but not all of them welcome the assumption that because you can’t afford their rate, that they are obligated to lower it for you.

We all like to get a little price break every now and then. Personally, my trap is when I walk into Macy’s of Nordstrom’s and I see there’s a sale. I may have just gone in to browse, but if I see a ”red tag event” I can already feel my credit card burning a hole in my purse. Just knowing I can get more for less makes my toes curl.

When dealing in a profession where you yourself are the product, it is hard to put a price on your actions or yourself. You really have to consider your experience, your skill, your open-mindedness, your offerings and your surroundings. What would YOU spend to see yourself for an hour? It’s not easy.

 I currently offer the national industry standard for Domination which actually LESS than what you will easily find here in Seattle, thanks to some ass kicking trailblazers who have set the bar a bit higher for us all. I take no offense when people ask for a price break or a little help, but I’ve gotta be honest – it’s all in how you ask!

 If you’re new to BDSM and you’re just so excited you want as much time as possible – more than your budget allows, you need to be more realistic.  Stick with what you can afford and don’t be narrow-minded. I offer sessions in all lengths, I do this because I know with my experience and enthusiasm I can accomplish a LOT with very little. I will always encourage longer meetings, but if that’s not possible – don’t fret – Think quality not quantity boys and girls.

I can only speak for myself here – but I find the most welcoming way to ask for a discount is to simply ask “Mistress, do you happen o be offering any specials right now”…this does not assume either way that I am receptive to you offering less – it is a simple question. It also does not make it sound like your coming to see me hinges on how little I will accept for my time or if you have a particular budget that you are not saying “this is what I think you’re worth”.

When someone approaches me with this gentle question I always see how I feel in the moment. If it’s a little slow, I may just come up with a discount I’m only offering you! Who knows? If I’m not feeling the need to lessen my donation, I do not feel any pressure answering “no”. More than likely, I will just ask you what you were looking for. Again, you are not saying my services are worth less – you are just putting on the table what you have to work with and from there it’s up to me to see if we can find something we both are happy with.

Now, it’s funny to write a blog about asking for a discount while being clear that no, at this time I am not offering any – but I have gotten many inquiries, some very respectful and some very pushy “price hunters”. I think it’s just a sticky subject and you’re just trying to make your entertainment budget go as far as possible. So hopefully for those who care to know, this will serve as a guide to help you navigate the dark murky waters of negotiation.

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