OTK Week…

I don’t know what it is about today – but I woke up with the urge to spank. What can I say, it’s a huge turn on for me.

I think this last week has been a little heavy on the “lighter side of BDSM”, so now I’m really aching to get my hands on someone who craves receiving punishment as much as I enjoy giving it. Don’t get me wrong, seductive domination has it’s place in my heart – but I can only stare at my collection of whips, paddles and straps for so long before I’m itching the use them.

So, a lot of you have asked if I ever recommend sessions – especially you newbies who aren’t sure what you want to try in the first place – here’s my recommendation! For the next week (until Saturday Oct 2) – I will be doing spankophile sessions in 30 and 60 minute increments. I will also be giving discounts ON THESE SESSIONS ONLY because I will be scripting them out below.

Details: Spankophile sessions will be 30/$125  60/$160  NOTE: This rate applies to these specific sessions ONLY.

Role Play: You are welcomed to request a certain role play with your spanking! I know you are more than aware of my passion to get into character, so if you’d like to experience discipline at the hands of a disappointed wife, angry girlfriend, boss, police officer, doctor, Donna Reed style mom, babysitter etc…speak up! Really give this thought boys…do you like the feeling of silk stocking clad thighs under you? Perhaps the view of sky-high black stilettos while you’re dangling over my lap?

Implements: Don’t be shy – I’m not going to paddle you raw from the moment you want through the front door unless you can handle it. I am perfectly content to use just my bare hand until I know for certain you’ve been warmed up enough to handle using anything else. Available toys include….ruler, paddle (multiple types), strap, cane, hair brush, switch & belt.

Marks: Believe it or not, a great spanking can be had even if you need to walk out of here without a single mark or bruise on your body. Be aware – redness will occur but that typically fades within the hour. If you are the type who doesn’t need to worry about markings – then, well…..he he he

Sooo with that said – when you lovely toys are ready to come experience this in person…give me a call .  I will be waiting….

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  1. Great read! You might want to follow up to this topic!?

  2. Ernie

    If you ever do this again Ma’am please do let me know..I would so be there Ma’am

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