Type A Personality

Ego is a powerful thing. It can define who you are, make you into the person you’d like to be or assist you in getting whatever you’d like in life. Alternately, in this profession, I find that someone’s ego can become the biggest detriment to their own personal pleasure. I’m talking to you Mr. Type A personality. You’re an Alpha Male by day and the head of your household by night. Leading others because you’re the “go to guy” that everyone looks to when they need direction. It’s a big responsibility – and one that you typically enjoy because being the head honcho is very very gratifying.

It comes as no surprise (to me) that the weight you carry on your shoulders, will ultimately wear you down. I get it all the time, high-ranking business men or other gentlemen of status who simply long for the relief that comes from being out of control.  It’s often not even a matter of being submissive – just the literal feeling of being in a situation where you don’t need to do anything but enjoy the experience. More often than not, there is an internal struggle between their natural aggressor ego and that desire to let go. Maybe you feel your kinks are too strange, maybe they undercut your masculinity or perhaps you are just outright embarrassed to have the thoughts and desires you have….. it betrays the confident pulled together man you have made yourself to be. These reservations are unnecessary. You don’t let anything else in life get in your way….are you really going to let fleeting thoughts of hesitation prevent you from engaging in something extraordinary?

Not everyone who comes to play with me is submissive – and no – I never judge anyone based on their interests or situation. This is an escape from reality – you don’t have to be in charge here, you can just relax and hand it all over to a confident, assertive and understanding Woman.  Of course, I do love the feeling of my play toy falling submissively at my feet, but by no means is it a requirement. A non submissive player in the BDSM community can easily be defined as either a fetishist or a kinkster, and there is a large group of you out there. The title doesn’t mean much more than you enjoy atypical forms of play and relaxation….and it has absolutely no bearing on the type of person you are outside of this reserved play time.

So – if you’re longing to be dressed up like a woman thrown over my knee for looking like a whore – don’t think I’m going to make assumptions about the person you are in the outside world. EVERYONE who comes in to me is treated the same way, with dignity and respect. Your job, lifestyle, paycheck, marriage status, age, orientation or gender do not matter to me at all. Really.  It’s just a detail that’s irrelevant to what you’ve come here for.

Check your ego at the door – it won’t be needed and quite truthfully, I’m not going to let it get in the way of our good time.

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