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Recently I joined up with Formspring – a website set up so that you can ask questions of the people you follow and they answer them publicly. Simple.

 I’ve seen other ladies do this in the past and I always enjoyed reading their posts, getting to know them and following their conversations – so I decided it was time to try my hand at it. I have been away from my account for several days, so a LOT of questions have been left unanswered. Also, most of them are about me personally and I know for some, that isn’t nearly as enjoyable to read as my kinky exploits. So for those who’d like the opportunity to know more about me, here are some of your questions answered. Note:  I will not be duplicating my answers on the Formspring website.

Do you prefer day or night sessions? I am a night creature entirely – I do see people by day and I do enjoy it, however getting up early (8 or 9am) is painful – I won’t lie. If someone has an open schedule to see me whenever I want, I will always book them later on.

What is your favorite season? Winter! It goes with being a night person. It gets darker earlier, the chill sets in, the holiday season abounds. I specifically love when it’s cold enough to do my sessions by firelight. I have a beautiful fireplace in my dungeon and living room – it’s very ambient and very engaging. Bonus – I love giving someone a firm otk spanking, then making them put their hot little ass to be further warmed by the heat of the flames. I never burn anyone, not even close, but it certainly does prove to be an exotic experience.

What is your favorite beverage? At the moment I have given up my long time addiction of Diet Coke. I literally drank almost nothing aside from 3 cans a day. Now I’m switching to Starbucks – iced mocha with whipped cream. The caffeine helps calm my nerves. Odd isn’t it? Side note: Some lovely young man just called not 10 minutes ago from North Seattle to ask if he could bring me a latte. Sweet sweet boy.

Do you have any weird hobbies? You mean aside from what I do as a living? Honestly yes…..I do actually. I play Sims3. I was  introduced to it last year by a fellow Mistress and now I play it when I can’t sleep. It’s a nerdy thing to do, I know, but I can only watch so much tv or read so many books before I need a change of pace.

Are you married or otherwise taken? Ah, I get this question constantly and I have always avoided answering it because very honestly, my personal life is none of your concern. I will say that yes, there is someone in my life who I value more than anything and I am not looking to expand my romantic life beyond them. I will tell you that they are entirely aware of what I do. No, they are not jealous and they share this lifestyle with me both personally and professionally. Those who have seen them for live sessions are well aware of our status.  .

What are your measurements? I have an insane hourglass figure, so most clothing items do not fit off the rack. When put into a corset that fits comfortably I am a 37, 23, 28….I look like a dark-haired Jessica Rabbit when all glammed up.

What do you do to relax? I take VERY HOT showers. Water is very soothing to me, so when I’m sick, upset, tired or just need to unwind, a nice long soak in the tub always works miracles.

Why did you become a Dominatrix? I never really made a conscious decision either way.The day after my 18th birthday I went to a dungeon for an interview… I didn’t really think I’d be hired, but I wanted to see the inside of a professional BDSM parlour. I auditioned – and was accepted my the Head Mistress – It was just a natural flow. I’m sure if it didn’t happen that way, it would have come about eventually in another form.

What bothers you most about your line of work? Wow…that’s a good one. I suppose the lack of understanding about the profession itself. There’s a certain reputation BDSM seems to have that makes it a dark secretive pastime the majority of people are hesitant to try. Not every Mistress just wants to take your money and beat the holy hell out of you…it just doesn’t work that way. On a more relevant note – in session, my biggest annoyance is misdirection. I screen all potential sessions by phone before a meeting is set. We have to have mutual interests, we must be on the same page and both of us must have a clear understanding of each others personal boundaries. I dislike when someone tells me they are into things they know (from my blog) that I enjoy, but when they arrive and get a good look at me in person, occasionally they decide they want more boundary pushing activities. certainly – I am not speaking of submissive boys here – it’s typically the fetishists.

Do you have any pets? I have a very loyal and very strong Labrador and a very spoiled Norwegian Forest Cat….and yes, I’m one of those pet owners. I naturally treat my animals better then I treat most people.

Does anything ever gross you out in session? Yes – bad breath! You’d be surprised how often hygiene is overlooked. It’s especially disappointing because I offer a shower and mouthwash before every appointment…most people pass this up because they are so excited to get right to it. I can’t tell you what a turn off it is when I’ve got someone tied down and they are moaning hot foul breath in my direction. I am usually a close proximity person – I want to be near enough to tease and torment, but if you smell like my garbage disposal – I very quickly lose my focus on the scene.

What is your favorite type of gift? A surprise gift! I think I’m just like other many with small tokens of affection. A single rose, a Starbucks iced mocha or a sweet follow up email go a long way with me. I appreciate when someone takes time – when they are not in session – to think of me.

What do you do on your days off? Typically I sleep in, get caught up on errands and go shopping. I’m still in the process of cozying my new home – which is absurdly large – so I’m going to be in the home decor mode for a while.

What is your guilty pleasure? Staying in all day, closing the blinds and watching horror movies from dawn till dusk.

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