Triple Penetration….

I have this in mind for one boy in particular – you know who you are…..but I thought it would be fun to share with the group.

So anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with me, knows I have a fondness for penetrating…I’ve donned my strap on more times than I can begin to count, forcibly shoved my plastic cock collection down many a quivering throat – and now, have realized in one beautiful moment this morning, that I can indeed penetrate a man in 3 ways simultaneously. Think about it for a minute…see if you can figure out how before I tell you…

So here is is….69 position…he lies bound to the floor, limbs spread eagle, waiting to open up and accept my insertions… I hover above him, head to genital, genital to head…I begin my lowering my strap on into his mouth, he is required to suckle my thick extension while I slip a well lubed equally thick dildo straight into his awaiting asshole… From here, I require him to use his muscles to hold the dildo inside himself while I ready the final piece of my “violation puzzle”… a sterile, frozen urethral sound. I begin gently, encouraging the round edge into the head of his shrinking cock, but despite his sudden shock of sensation, the sound slips easily into his body – stopping about half way down. I watch intently as it glides easily inside of him staying fixed on the shivering boy beneath me.

Now that this little slave is filled in every way possible, I leave the sound in place and begin ramming his tight ass with my thick – realistic dildo. Of course for good measure I synch the penetration of my strap on into his mouth with the rocking of my insertable below….

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Now to you my little slave, I know I said I had a “surprise” in store for you, and believe me, there’s more to this scenario then I have listed here…but I don’t want to make you squirm for a while wondering if I could actually be writing about YOU – yes YOU in particular.

Don’t worry casual visitors, if you’re curious or aching to have this treatment for yourself – all you need to do is ask… doing this just once isn’t going to cut it for me.

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5 Thoughts to “Triple Penetration….”

  1. Blissboy

    That sounds so so good!!!

    Can I be next in line?

  2. peter small

    Such a helpless surrender to such a consummately sexy, irresistible Goddess would be an unforgettable experience, Mistress. i hope one day to be worthy of indulging Your sadistic side to Your heart’s content.

  3. gordong

    Victoria, Triple violation by You is now one of those thigs i wish to experience before i die. The on;y disadvantage imho is that submission is reinforced be eye contact – nothing compares with the sparkle in the eyes of my violator, bless Her! And i hope She is equally turned on by the look of my submissive acceptance of Her inviolable right of access to all my orifices!

  4. Oh how hot! If I ever get into sounding this could be super interesting to try. I hope you’ve gotten to do this multiple times since posting this writing.

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