I know a lot of you have been emailing lately to see if and when I will be doing some more photos. I made a few remarks a couple of weeks back that I was in the process of finding a good photographer and finally the day has come.

After an EXHAUSTIVE search to find the right person I have booked 2 – yes – 2 photo shoots this week. The first one is tomorrow AM, and the second is Friday PM. I will be using two separate photographers as they each have their own strengths and merits. Hopefully with this, I will have enough usable images to post galleries for foot fetish, chastity, cuckolding, tease and denial and humiliation galleries.

Aside from that, I’ve added a few new treats to my website – Video sessions are now available as well as keyholding and financial domination to a more intense degree.

I will also be adding a new video blog to help relieve myself from a good portion of the typing I’ve been doing lately. Don’t worry,  I think it would be far more enjoyable to watch me tell you about some of my kinkier sessions the just reading text.

Last but not least – if you haven’t signed up for my “contest” yet, please do so now…time is running short and I’m already very eager to announce a winner. I am not sure why I enjoy the idea of raffling off a short session with me so much, but regardless I am very excited to make this happen. Best of luck to all of you!

Oh wait….one more thing. I have updated my schedule to reflect some days off. I will begin taking Friday and Saturday off from now on, but THIS MONTH I will also be taking Halloween and November 1st off as well.

If you are a regular who wishes to come in on one of those days I would otherwise be unavailable don’t hesitate to call.

If I can make time for you – I will. This is just as much fun for me as it is for you and I’m always up for a good session.

So until my next update – enjoy this unflattering, unedited photo of me in front of my laptop at 1am last night.

101023-005736.jpg picture by VictoriaRage

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  1. this is hardly an unflattering picture, but merely hypnotizing.

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