His name is puppy

I have a very regular boy who visits me, oh say, once or twice a week. He had a tragically common name – one that I hear far to often then I care to account for, so thoughtfully – I renamed my boy so that when he calls, I immediately know who I am conversing with. This is ever so important because he is always a short notice visitor…I mean, like 15-30 minutes notice – so remembering who I am dealing with right off the bat is crucial to my being prepared by the time he arrives at my doorstep.

Sadly, today when booking – he forgot the name I generously bestowed upon him. Sigh.

What would have been a painfully thrilling “Bondage – Tease Play – Forced Milking – ForcedĀ O – Queening” session turned into a “Cbt – Electro Torture – Invasive Medical – Prostate Violation – Hard Trampling” scene. I know, I know, it doesn’t really sound like such a terrible punishment – but in contrast with what I had planned, believe me – this pathetic slave missed out on some serious fun….such a shame. My request was so simple, make sure you remember to address yourself as “puppy” when you call. So simpleĀ  – that’s what makes this all the more disappointing.

So aside from what he missed out on in scene with me, I’ve decided to post this as a “public lashing” of sorts. I ask very little of those who come for visits….arrive clean, be prompt, be courteous and if I ask you to call yourself by another (work friendly) name – I expect you to do so.

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