Hello there stranger – A guide to first time sessions.

First of all, let me say a very fond welcome to you curious parties who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. I truly appreciate when newcomers view my website or visit my blog, it’s quite humbling to have so many individuals choose ME as their very first Mistress. I take that quite seriously and I make sure that trust and care are both evident in all of my introductory sessions.

With that said, I know I’ve written quite a bit about newcomers to the scene, or more relevantly – to my dungeon. However, something so important is worth repeating.

I am always open and accepting of new visitors to the BDSM scene. I happily open my arms (and dungeon) to embrace and educate those who are just beginning to dip their toes in the waters of D/s play. However going forward, I have a few rules…it is for your benefit as well as mine, so don’t take this as me slamming down my gavel to chastise those who have not yet taken a misstep.

#1. I will only be seeing visitors 30 and up. Preexisting friends under 30 are still welcomed, but anyone NEW TO ME who is under 30 MUST have a reference from an established  Dominatrix who is currently practicing here in our local scene. I will not book a session with you until I can verify your reference. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a preference. Alternatly, I am happy to serve as a reference to anyone who needs it. Variety is the spice of life – I do not mind if my slaves visit other Doms.

#2. Visitors MUST be willing to clearly articulate their interests. I don’t need detailed elaborate fantasies (unless you have them) but I do require you to be able to express what you’d like to experience.  The only exception to this is if someone is either devotedly submissive or masochistic. I can take the reins in either scenario so all I will really need from is your undivided attention, but if you are not yet sure where you stand in the realm of d/s play, I will need you to be as specific as possible. Everyone I see is vastly different and each experience is tailored to YOU….you have to help me understand what you are looking for. Hand holding on my part will only go so far.

#3. I will not coax you into the dungeon. Please do not email me to see if I will give you a brief online domination session so you can “see how sticky my web truly is”. I don’t have time for that.

#4 Observe the rules of common sense. Don’t attempt to grab, molest, dry hump or kiss me. I have been very generous up to this point in laughing off attempts to group me, but I have reached the end of my tether on this one. Inappropriate attempts at my person will result in IMMEDIATE termination of our session and you will forfeit the right to receive any portion of your tribute back. Do not justify your attempts by saying “I couldn’t help it, you’re so sexy”. I heard that comment recently by an over the line client and it didn’t justify anything. If I’d like you to touch me, I’ll let you know. I like to be in close proximity to my slaves, it enforces the eroticism of the scenario – but if I have to fend off greedy unwelcomed hands – I no longer wish to entice you. I just want to slap you……

#5 Be on time and leave on time. If you’re going to be late, it’s usually okay….but you need to call me. Alternately, after I’ve ended the scene I expect you the either jump in the shower or begin to get dressed once I’m done with a little aftercare.

The 5 golden rules are pretty simple and mostly just follow common sense which luckily the majority of you seem to have. I am  fortunate so far to have met so many lovely submissives, masochists and fetishes. You are all truly my reason for loving my profession. Those of you who have yet to meet me, I certainly do look forward to the pleasure; but do make sure you have absorbed my stated rules above so I can relax and focus my attention on our mutual enjoyment and kinkiness.

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