Beautiful Gloomy Weather

I am from Florida originally, sunny, hot, stifling Florida. I know to many of you who have yet to visit the “Sunshine State” probably have visions of crystal clear beaches, warm sand, tiki bars galore and beautiful women in tight bikinis….It’s a novelty and the state of Florida’s economy hinges on this fantasy.

If you are just passing through or stopping by for a vacation, it’s a wonderful place to be, but to live there for any period of time the reality of suffocating daily humidity, high costs of living and a vanity driven separation of classes begins to set in and the illusion of beauty and bliss begin to fade. Now, I say all of this to give you a little insight to my background and why I chose to call the Pacific NorthWest my home.

It’s early Sunday morning and I open my eyes to the singular most calming sight….a window full of fog. Quite literally the fog is so dense that I cannot see outside.  My eyes have been gently shielded from all unwelcome early AM sunshine. I roll out of my oh so cozy bed to notice a slight shill in the air….no worries, I have a gas fireplace. With the flick of a switch I am immediately warmed by the coziness that is my living room. Ah…. There is no better way to wake up in my opinion. Compare this to rolling out of bed in Ft Lauderdale because the sun is SO BRIGHT there is no way you can sleep in past 7am….also you are sweating profusely because it’s already 85 degrees outside and your AC unit is struggling to keep up with the demand.

Even the Starbucks near my house is strangely quiet and relaxed – despite the 50 or so people crammed inside to grab their pre-church lattes. Everyone just seems at ease. When the Fall/Winter weather sets in, to me it just feels magical and peaceful. I know its cold, rainy and a little gloomy at times, but altogether it’s my favorite time of year.

So now that my first session of the day is just a few moments away, I send you this blog from the comfort of my couch – wishing you all a wonderful Sunday…

Also – as a side note, I do have time today – Thursday. While I do have a few prebookings on the agenda, I am feeling a rush of energy that I would like to share with you all….so don’t hesitate to come in and play….especially before the stress of the holiday’s comes rolling around.

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