Photos – Finally….

So I have started to get back some of the images from my photo shoot about 10 days ago. It’s always so hard to wait once I have snapshots taken, I’m always very eager to share and enjoy them. I have about half back at this point and I will begin to publish them in my ads and on my website as I receive them.
Unfortunately my photographer is a perfectionist who takes his time making sure every image is lighted and positioned to his linking before releasing them to me. I am sure it’s for the best, but clearly – I am impatient.

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3 Thoughts to “Photos – Finally….”

  1. parco

    Its a wonderful start and looking forward to more Mistress. Its a compliment to you that the photog is a perfectionist.

    1. Thank you darling, the rest of them are wonderful – I can’t wait to share. 😉

  2. hbm

    Absolutely stunning, thank you for sharing.

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