Financial Fuck toy….

I have a boy from Denver who only visits Seattle twice a year. He wants my attention – to belong to me, but with his erratic schedule, he can’t see to find a way into my world aside from professional sessions. He comes up with a great idea, and now he wants so badly to be .y financial slave – truly he does, but he can’t seem to get past the idea of sending tributes to me when he gets his check. it’s a strange thing really….a money slave who can’t part with his money. This tight-fisted dilemma striked my interest because of its odd nature….I decided to help him out a bit, take the decision out of his hands.

He sent me a budget of what he makes per month and what his monthly expenses were. I did a little fine tuning to discover that after forcing him to make numerous cutbacks, he could afford a rather sizeable tribute to me if he so desired to show his devotion. A month passes on this new budget and proudly he proclaims he is ready! I double-check his figures and see that yes, he’s done well…

I am not sure if he expected me to tell him to KEEP a large portion of his extra money or what, but when I told him to get on his webcam and watch e spend his money online shopping his reaction was priceless… I’ve gone through the recording of our session so I could share snippets with you….I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Step One – I find something I want. Guess what sweetie pie, these boots are on my wishlist….they sure look expensive done they? He had plans for how he *hoped* I would relieve him of his money. Lingerie, garters, strap on toys and all other sorts of SELFISH items adorned his list of things he’d hoped I’d buy. Funny how he really only wanted items that would serve him – nothing that would amuse me or make my life easier….nope…

(at the sight of my choice – he mumbles that YES, YES they do look pricey…oh Goddess, please don’t spend all my money on boots. I worked SO hard for this tribute…)

Step Two – I carefully enter his credit card information. (at this point he’s really crying about my boots. Goddess, don’t please!!! I’d rather see you enjoy MANY things, than just one expensive item) I’m ignoring him now, imagining myself walking around downtown in my new leather knee-high boots…ah…I can already smell the leather. We lock eyes on webcam briefly…………I smile and hit………..”Place Order”.

Step 3 – I smile in satisfaction….looking at the delivery time, I see I will have them before thanksgiving. My boy is in the background of my online screens, pleading to my webcam that he’d like me to return the boots and buy lingerie instead….pathetic. You really need to learn a thing or two about women….

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2 Thoughts to “Financial Fuck toy….”

  1. Why didn’t I think of this before?

  2. SissyMarie

    Okay, okay… I’m reading along on your blog, all the fantastic posting (sigh), then here is this incredibly hot and erotic entry from you.

    Simply said – you get it. The concise, accurate way you describe this type of interactive fun is what makes i so damn alluring.

    Oh yeah… it helps that you are extremely feminine, beautiful, and intelligent.

    Yikes!! I’m gushing like a smitten school boy.

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