Thanksgiving Schedule Update and Review #3

So the weather has turned my availability plans for Thanksgiving into a bit of a bust. At this point it’s been a little dangerous for people to come my way for meetings so I’ve declined/rescheduled more than I’d like to. I’m bored already and I want to play.

With that being the case, I will open my availability up from now until the end of the month to a flexible “call for availability”…I won’t be taking any firm days off, and will in fact be opening up even my precious Friday and Saturday off to a few sessions. I will only be taking a select number of meetings per day, so if you have a specific time you’d like to come in, call ahead and I will happily make sure you’re on my schedule. Last minute/short notice meetings are of course, subject to availability.

Now without further ado another review, well thank you note is more like it.

Hello Victoria,

Our session on Saturday morning was amazing. You definitely gave me the best ass f****** I have ever experienced. I even had to f*** myself a couple of additional times throughout the weekend…
When I requested the sounding I didn’t expect to be able to take so much of the instrument down the shaft of my cock. Seeing  only the end of the sound sticking out of the tip of my cock was shocking!
However, I think the thing that I loved the most was when you spit in my mouth. I can’t wait to take it to the next level and have your piss in my mouth…
You are an extremely sexy woman and your love for dishing out punishment is clear.
Thanks again,

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