Revised: Morning Slave Wanted

*Before I begin this blog posting, I just wanted to mention that I have discovered a new trigger that forced me into a rage so intense, it’s worth mentioning to my audience so you can all avoid this wrath yourselves.

I received a phone call a few minutes ago where the opening line was this…. Hi Vicky, I wanted to see if you were available to come in and enjoy your strap on today.”

 Now, let me say, the trigger is not that he’s asking for my strap on before he’s even confirmed he is in fact speaking to the correct person, let alone an adult  – although I know intellectually it should be. It’s that he’s called me Vicky. Maybe it’s my morning mocha kicking in and fueling adrenaline a bit more than normal, but my name is Victoria. Not Vicky. You are not a friend of mine, you are not even a client – do not abbreviate my name. Do not address me as a familiar and do not ask for anal penetration until you have in fact affirmed you are speaking to the person you intended to call. *

With that out of my system, I wanted to revise a blog I had previously written and removed. It was a posting where I briefly mentioned a need for a morning servant. I am aware that and AM time frame may not fit into many people’s schedule, but I’m not strictly looking for 1 person. I would be quite content in having 2 to 3 morning attendants to serve my needs and stick to a realistic schedule that suits myself and those involved.

While I have had applicants, they didn’t seem to have a firm grasp on what I was looking for. Hence – my search continues. Perhaps a little elaboration is in order… Here’s a very brief and not very detailed list of what the ideal duties of my pet would be.

1.Bring coffee. There’s a Starbucks 5 blocks from my home – they are well aware of my drink order.

2. Arrive with a smile on your face and a motivate attitude. Do make sure to keep said motivated attitude to yourself until I’m fully awake.

3. Start the laundry. Fold the Laundry. Iron all Sheets.

4. Sanitize the dungeon. I clean up after every appointment, but I also do it once more every morning for good measure.

5. Prepare the beverages and make tea. Beverages will now be served during all pre session talks.

6. Vacuum & straighten up anything that looks out of place.

7. Check on me. See if I need anything else before I dismiss you.

Note: This is a SERVICE position. There is no pay – and there is no play unless it suits my mood or I need to break in a new toy. This is not a TRADE for your time. If you are a SUBMISSIVE interested in being made useful, drop me a note. I prefer to have played with you professionally before I consider your application, but under the right circumstances this *may* not be necessary. Also, I am not gender specific. Males, females, transsexuals, cd’s or sissies are all welcome to this position.

What I want to know about you….




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