Little Addictions, Changes to the Dungeon and Thank Yous.

I have a few things I wanted to talk about but instead of writing 3 separate blogs to cover everything – I’m going to cram it all in one posting, forcing you to read every frigging word I write. Ready? Fantastic!

Little Addictions: 

Seattle is such a great place to live. Aside from the beautiful landscape, amazing restaurants and the  blatantly gorgeous weather – there is a phenomenal amount of entertainment. I’ve really been going ahead with my explorations of the city, based on many of your recommendations.  Now that I am fairly familiar with my surroundings I’ve got a few new addictions!

Since, this blog is read by just as many women as men I will shamelessly share some of my Femme Domme Favorites!

Sephora – I’ve mentioned this place before and I’m sure most people here are VERY familiar with them already,  but the one in our very own shopping district carries products NOT offered by many other locations. Items I’ve previously needed to order online, I can now test and purchase in person. This is utterly invaluable when dealing with new make up colors or the fragrance of certain perfumes. I could walk into this store at any moment and blindly grab things off the shelf and be completely content with my purchases. Everything they carry is quality. Even their gift cards come with bonuses and fee samples! Buy gift cards for friends….keep awesome samples for yourself…HA!

Also, there’s a bath store called LUSH ( – Holy Shit. I know, it looks ultra feminine. Admittedly, its approach to making “bath time more fun” does put me off just a tad, but the staff is very very helpful and very much into what they sell. I went recently,  just out of curiosity. I don’t remember what happened – it was a blur of women in black clothing telling me to smell things, a small demonstration on how to make a tub full of bubbles, someone handing me a bar of lotion that melts in your hands and I was back on my way home with a bag of things that smelled amazing. I didn’t pay much attention to what I bought, as long as it smelled like cinnamon, lemon, clove, jasmine or gardenia, it went into my bag. One item I bought just for the sheer weirdness of it. It’s a bath bubble called “Twilight”. I didn’t recognize the movie reference until after stepping out of the tub. What happened you ask? Well the ball itself is white and covered with pop rocks….the inside of the ball is orange and turns your bath water a peachy hue…nice, but I didn’t notice the gold sparkles until AFTER drying off. I was covered head to toe in a shimmery gold sheen. Imagine my surprise.

On another note, I”m expanding my dungeon space a bit to make room for my crucifix, interrogation chair and soon to come – cbt chair. It’s MUCH more spacious with the new arrangement, but also allows for my private side room to be used exclusively for invasive/medical play. Fantastic!

Finally, a few of you have very generously brought gift items for me to your sessions and I truly want to thank you all for your very sweet thoughts. The Cd’s, Chocolate, Cider, Gift Cards and Cards are all very much appreciated…and have been WELL used. Your desire to make me happy, truly touches me.

Now – a gift you your regular blog readers…. I will be working on an entry directly from a session I had today, a forced bi prison rape scene between two repeat visitors of mine. It was oh so erotic….and terribly devious. To capture it in detail I will take my time in writing it, but you have that little gem to look forward to.

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