To Do List

Today I would have traded “to do” lists with anyone else on the planet.

A full day of work, thorough dungeon and house cleaning, decorate Christmas tree, fill out Christmas cards, mani/pedi, new blog and update my website. It’s already 11pm and I’m closing in on the last few items I need to cross off the list before I can take a nice long soak in the tub and hit the sheets.

 Aside from my beaming sense of accomplishment, I wanted to post a quick note about an upcoming session post with photos to be included. I saw a wonderful masochist today who was both very eager to please highly experimental – such a potent combination! In all my perversion, I was hard pressed to find something he wasn’t open to…too much fun!  Aside from indulging my sadism for the better part of two hours, he also brought along his camera so I could document his torment however my heart desired. I believe I took several snap shots of some wonderful cbt moments, a few including nipple and electro torture and one final shot where he was serving as a foot stool after having collapsed after a mind bending o. I wish I could have taken more, but I was far more engaged in acting out my scenario than documenting it.

As a side note, I do also plan to use this lovely boy in one of my two upcoming series of photo galleries for my website – I’m very thrilled to have gotten a sense of his play style today in a casual (lol) setting. I will be posting the images of this session as soon as I receive them back from him, so keep checking in!

Now, to cross “new blog off my list” and off to update my website.

Sleep well darlings….

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