I have a deep fondness for masochists….they indulge me so deeply it brings out my inner primal woman – and more often than not, they can actually handle that side of me in all its intensity.

I had exchanged emails with this friend over the past couple of weeks. As I mentioned before, he will be one of the models I use in an upcoming gallery – a live session, photographed for the pure pleasure of exhibitionist. In any event, our interests were highly compatible so happily I used our time to enact all of my personal interests.

A bit of bondage kicked things off to a lively start, forcing him into a comfortable but vulnerable position with some rather restrictive rope. It’s always such a lovely way to begin the scene – enforce the dynamic…make them feel helpless from the very beginning.

This pet fell into subspace quickly, there was not much need to guide him town into a meditative state so things were able to progress rapidly, but steadily. Nipple torture was the first things I wanted to partake of. His nipples had an aire of mystery about them…they looked freshly shaved and ready for me. Let me just say, when someone goes out of their way to do a bit of special grooming before a play date, I feel like you’re throwing out the welcome mat to invite my torture.  In any event, I was able to dig out a set of clamps from my private collection. Yes, the coveted collection I pick from only every so often….saved specifically for “special occasion” scenes. These clamps are intense….I’m fairly certain there aren’t many others like them on the market that match their ferocity. After only a brief warm up, the clamps were fastened tightly, looped between them – a small string for me to tug on. I was thanked profusely for the exquisite pain… I decided to leave them on only for a few moments before I made my slave beg me to remove them and reattached them the other way. Yes, those familiar with NT, are well aware that removing the clamps allows blood flow to be restored – the pain is beautiful really. I did as my poor boy asked and detached the clamps for a brief second before turning them slights to clamp in the opposing direction. I must say, I jammed a gag into his mouth to muffle the screaming….his eyes rolled back into his head and another flood of appreciative “Thank you Mistress” erupted from his lips. He earned my torment with his exceptional manners.

I began to work down his body – his cock being my next focus…ah…the things I did. I am left with a smile I just can’t shake. In effort to keep this blog to a reasonable length – I’ve decided to skip the narration and just show you a few highlights.

*Prepping my boy for some serious CBT by using a bit of “shock thereapy”*

 *Clamps make everything sexier! The silver ones were fastened to his feet so if he decided to move, he’d only be hurting himself*

From here I released him from his bonds and took him to the cross where I played out a lovely Florentine flogging scenario. The sight of his back and ass reddening gave me chills. He took everything I could dish out – equally feeding me back with gratitude, submission and sheer beauty. I enjoyed tying his hands and wrists to the wood of the cross, but forcing him to hold still by clamping his nipples around the base of the structure was HIGHLY amusing!

Ah…yes, a little bit of teasing as well. He was so desperately worked up I had to cover his dripping tool with a condom. Which I promptly rubbed on my smooth leg. Too bad he couldn’t feel how soft my skin is…ha!

When all was said and done, my dear boy was rewarded (details withheld) but at the end of it all I’d say he was rather satisfied laying on the floor like a puddle of goo…I decided to make him useful just one more time as a foot stool before I allowed him to sit up and shower.