Bad Boys…

Warning: I initially wrote this out of anger, it needed to be said and more importantly, it needed to be read by those of you who are new to seeing me. The funny thing is that I realize MOST people who are guilty of these offenses described below are not blog readers – their eyes will probably never fall across this rant. It’s also a little funny reading it back to myself – I simply can’t believe some boys act this way. We are all grown human adults, it’s ridiculous! I feel like a kindergarten teacher trying to corral a group full of sugar high, sticky handed tots at times….all too funny. So for you well-behaved pets – read this simply as a humorous venting of steam…

It’s currently 10:30am this morning and I’ve already been flaked on twice this morning by two separate new visitors.

This doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen often enough for me to bring this extremely rude and inappropriate behavior to the attention of the general public.

Moving on, what most of you already know, but some fo you might not, is that I’m one of the most “time flexible” Mistresses available. I understand that the majority of my clients are trying to do this as discreetly as possible. You are not always able to plan out a scene days in advance or for most of you, even hours in advance. My availability is a VERY accommodating 9am-Midnight about 5 or 6 days a week. I take MANY same day and short notice sessions because frankly, that’s the kind of flexibility most of you need….and I am happy to make that happen for the sheer love of what I do.   Most of you respect this and when you can’t make it to an appointment you’ve booked you will call and let me know. You don’t leave me hanging or waiting around – you respect my time as much as I respect yours.

There is a small minority of you that need to be kicked hard in the ass, and no I don’t mean erotically. I mean quite literally, you act like spoiled bitches and you need to be taken out back and punched repeatedly.

You call me to jerk off while talking about your fetishes. You book appointments then don’t show up. You will book appointments that you later find out you can’t make but you don’t call to let me know ahead of time, you wait until your confirmation time expires for me to find out. You call before my posted hours to see  if maybe, just maybe I would be willing to crawl out of bed at 3am to see you. Really? Etiquette 101 – Never mistreat the people responsible for your good time.

I rarely make anyone confirm and when I do, it’s only because my own schedule is tight. hat I absolutely hate is when a repeat visitors calls and I need to tell them I can’t see them because I’m already booked – only to see some newbies confirmation time come and go because they clearly aren’t coming in. I miss a LOT of sessions this way and a LOT of my perfectly behaved and deserving repeat pets end up missing a chance to get together because of this inconsiderate behavior. So, in a last-ditch effort to shake some sense into a few of you rude little boys, let me type out a list of rules here – it should be common sense, but you’ve proven isn’t. I would hate to put new visitors on a 24 hour notice schedule, but if this kind of behavior continues I just may have to. Repeat visitors and considerate gentlemen – this CLEARLY does not apply to you. I love you for being every bit as wonderful, polite and considerate as you continually are.


1. My posted hours are 9am-Midnight Monday-Friday. DO NOT call me outside of this time frame. If you want a 9am appointment, call and schedule before Midnight the day before. If you are a repeat visitor and you need to schedule outside of these hours – call me ahead of time. I’m happy to work with you if I can.

2. If you’ve booked an appointment and I’ve asked you to confirm – you are required to confirm by that time. Once your time expires, you are crossed off my agenda and your time is up for the taking. If you’ve failed to confirm and I’ve booked someone else in your place, don’t expect me to cancel that person. I never will. I will reschedule your appointment in my next available time spot and you will again be required to confirm.

3. If you have been asked to confirm by a certain time and you find out you can’t make it BEFORE that time, call me and let me know you need to cancel. I will appreciate you not holding me up so I can fill that spot.

4. Don’t be afraid to cancel. If you call me instead of standing me up, you stay in my good graces. Life happens, believe me I know and I don’t mind one bit. I won’t hold it against you if your plans change – just keep me posted.  A phone call or text message is the only appropriate way to cancel. I am away from my email if I am preparing for an appointment.

5. If you stand me up, act rude/vulgar/harassing on the phone or engage in any other douchebag behavior, expect to be banned from my dungeon. Most adult industry professionals keep a “blacklist”, some of them even report NCNS or inappropriate visitors to the National Black List Register which is available to all industry professionals. I have not participated in posting anyone’s public information and I likely never will, but the thing is I know NCNS sessions are not restricted to just me and some providers flat our don’t tolerate this type of nonsense.

6. Don’t send the same email of introduction to 5 or 6 dominatrixes. If a letter sounds like a novel or a too good to be true introduction, we may compare notes. It saves us time, weeds out the insincere and prevents us from investing too much energy, effort and attention into someone who doesn’t think twice about spamming – and yes we do consider it spam.

7. For that matter, don’t send me a novel as your letter of introduction. If we haven’t even said hello, I don’t need you to write me 2000 word email about every Mistress you’ve ever served, how your ex girlfriends treated you and every detail about what gets you off. If you’ve sent me a super long letter it will take me time to respond to you. I get about 30 emails a day and I respond to every one of them myself in between live sessions. If your email is longer – you go to the back fo the line.

8. Don’t use me as a reference if we haven’t seen each other. Alternately, if I ask you for a reference – don’t use your friends. Give me the name and website of a real dominatrix you’ve seen within the last 2 years. I don’t want to be referred to someone you haven’t seen on a professional basis and I don’t want to be referred to a Mistress you haven’t seen in the last decade. If you don’t have a reference – just say so. I very rarely ask for one to begin with.

9. Don’t expect me to dominate you by phone just because you want to feel weak in the knees. I just don’t enjoy it, I prefer face to face interaction. Most people appreciate the very friendly and easy-going attitude they get from me on the phone. It makes it much easier to connect and feel comfortable about coming in. I’m not going to change this just for you, however if I’ve seen you a few times and we’ve developed that kind of dynamic – you can expect that I *may* give you a little thrill every now and then. 

10. Last but certainly not least, I’m not your Domination Dictionary. Don’t call me JUST to ask me to explain different BDSM terms to you and don’t call me just to speak to a Pro Dom. It’s lame and a waste of time, if you need more than one or two things explained to you – look it up online. We all have the internet and we all use Google. I don’t accept the excuse that you can’t look that kind of material on your computer. You were able to look up my ads, website or this blog, so one more black mark on your browsing history isn’t going to hurt a thing and we both know it.

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