New Year

The last week of December has been a bit hectic for me. Live sessions, new furniture, holidays, errands, emails  a random sick day and blogs galore. I know I’ve had to turn down a good number of people who tried to come in to see me before the end of the year, but sadly I just couldn’t stretch myself any further or add more hours to the day. I really don’t like when I have to pass on a session – I wonder what kind of devious fun I could have had, but alas I had no choice.

So I’m posting this now as I’m already booked for the remainder of my work day today (Friday the 31st). I will be off on the weekend as usual, but I will be finishing up my dungeon upgrades and errands so we can start 2011 out on a phenomenal step. If you’d like to begin booking for next week, feel free to email me (if you’ve seen me before) or call and leave a message. I will return all voice mails periodically throughout the rest of the day and the weekend.

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