The classic spanking…

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Throughout my career, it seems there are always trends within the BDSM scene, I know I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s worth repeating.

 As we all progress sexually, becoming more adventurous and experimental, there is a natural evolution in what gets us off. I consider it a personal pleasure to ride the wave of innovative sex in scene, however one thing that remains a rock solid constant is the classic spanking.

No gizmos, restraints, extension cords or high-end toys required….just a simple “plain jane” spanking.

In all its simplicity, a simple bare handed OTK seems indestructible. It’s a sure-fire turn on and usually the most common request I receive. The imagery itself is essentially iconic at this point. A squirming slave bent fully over my firm stocking clad thighs, with his pants and under clothing pulled down to his ankles, bare ass exposed to the cool air and swift advances of my determined open palm. It’s the indestructible fetish and a wonderful way to begin numerous types of scenes. What is it about this classic punishment that stirs so many of us into full on arousal by simply thinking about it. Even typing the words “bare bottom spanking” sends shivers down my legs as I recall just how many boys have been pulled over my knee for such firm discipline.

So why the blog about it? Simple self-satisfaction ladies and gentlemen. I have been in the mood to deliver some rather unflinching discipline lately and I just so happen to have a lovely submissive coming in for a “house boy” interview on Friday. To be fair, I told him to prepare himself for both my interview and whatever else I deem fit that morning, so my mind is already beginning to drift.

So for anyone out there who shares this oh so common kink, here’s a wonderful website I stumbled across that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

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One Thought to “The classic spanking…”

  1. bruce

    Very SEXY, Hot, and mind bending.
    You are amazing Mistress.

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