Pin Up Sessions…


A few of you have had a chance over the last couple of months to see me in some very Bettie Page-esque attire during your session. Sexy vintage hair styles, pin-up clothing, sky-high stilettos, garters and gorgeously cinched corsets. All of this is just the beginning of a transition into a more vintage style look and style in my dungeon. I’ve always had an affinity for tight-laced lingerie, latex and leather, but for me and my perfect hour-glass figure – I think I can do just a tad better than typical PVC dresses and fishnets.

Sooo….I’m going to be switching out many of the pictures on my website with more burlesque/pin up style images. I will also be continuing to redecorate my dungeon in the same glamorous, functional and luxurious pieces straight out of high-end 1950’s erotica. And the piece de resistance – I will be having a session shot with photographer Andrew Ness on Thursday of this week. Happily, I am going to have “slave g” at my side to serve as my play toy during the scene. They always say that  a picture is worth a thousand words….there’s simply no way to describe to you in text exactly what I can and will do to you in scene….seeing it for yourself however, should bring you straight to your knees.

So whether you prefer the more traditional domination look or the more exoticly rare Bettie Page style glamour – I’m bringing something a little more unique to the center stage. Stay tuned for updates my dear boys….

 As always, my dungeon will remain fully equipped and spectacularly well-appointed. My new style will NOT have any negative impact on the functionality of either my dungeon or my sessions.

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2 Thoughts to “Pin Up Sessions…”

  1. kinky guy

    What a perfect look for you! I’m looking forward to the photos.

  2. BB

    I think you would look great in anything you wear Mistress. But I would have to agree that this would be a perfect look for you. It is very arousing to hear of this news, and I look forward to your new look and seeing how slave g looks up at you and responds to your commanding presence. I can imagine that he must be a very greatful slave indeed to have the pleasure of serving at your FEET………:)
    Thank you for your time,

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