What is _your_ absolute favorite fantasy/activity? If a sub told you: you can do whatever you want that makes You hot Mistress, without limits or restrictions, what would you pick? I, for one, get off on seeing the Mistress do what she enjoys most..

Wow…I’ve tried to think long and hard about this but my mood just changes all too often. It would be something physical 9cbt, anal, trampling, nt, corporal, bondage etc..), with mind games, plenty of restriction, a sprinkle of humiliation and a whole lot of "forced" activity, ending with me standing proudly over you while you begged me to stop. The important part is that the bottom would be very responsive and vocal….lots of pleading and begging. Someone with a good amount of energy and an open mind.

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  1. This is a hugh array of mind bending TOTAL takingg of a willing and in the end very greatful sub Mistress. If I were on the receiving end I would say MORE of all of the above and add more corporal punishment and restraints that take the mind right to the edge of breaking point. With some cuddling to come offf of the high of looking up at your awesome preseence Mistress. Thank you for your time BB

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