Dexter-esque session.


I LOVE the Showtime TV show Dexter, its been one of my favorites since I discovered it last year and promptly sat down for 2 days to catch up on every single episode I had missed during it’s launch.

I wasn’t too shocked when I came across a slave with the same interest in the show. At first we were just chatting casually about it, he loved the justice in the endings more than anything else, the drama of it was fun, but it was really about the last 10 minutes of the episode for him.  Dexter would have someone wrapped in plastic on a table, their faces taped into position and the room decorated with photos of people they’ve harmed so they could truly grasp the reason they were being punished.

I could clearly see where he was going as he described how all of this made him feel…. He wanted to be the one on the table. *grin*

He hadn’t hurt anyone so the scenario would be slightly different from the show, but there was something deep in his desire to connect himself to someone who was allowed to run wild, seeking satisfaction however they wanted without fear of consequence, until finally – they are stopped dead in their tracks by someone who would abruptly hold them accountable.

A few chats later and I was ready to play the role. I began decorating my dungeon with images of his “sins”… mostly gluttony, greed and extreme inability to control his sexual impulses. Simple as that sounds, I am a very over the top woman so I made sure with clever positioning of mirrors, posters and porn playing loudly on my TV that all his “sins” were easily observed.

The role play to bring us into the depth of the scene was simple. He arrived at my house,  as someone who I’d met online and invited over for a date. It all went very smoothly, a glass of wine over some intriguing conversation….then I stood up to announce, I wanted to get more “comfortable”….he smiled like a school boy as I dismissed myself to the next room.

I waited for a moment before calling him in to what the thought was my bedroom. The candles were lit and everything was very very dim…..he didn’t notice anything was amiss until he found himself forced onto my table and restrained thoroughly with rope, duct tape and spreader bars. He was immobile, gagged and scared in a very real sense. I carefully laid plastic drop cloths down around the table, the crinkling and rustling of the plastic jarred him deeply. Even though we planned this scenario in great detail ahead of time, he didn’t expect it to all feel so realistic. His erection, gave away his continued trust and excitement in the scene – I proceeded.

I flicked the lights on and immediately he noticed the very specific decor….he seemed to almost panic, struggling hard in my inescapable bondage. I couldn’t help but laugh at his genuine attempt to escape, he was truly helpless on my table – and now he was beginning to absorb that “sinking” feeling in his stomach.

His eyes glazed over as I approached, he probably wasn’t registering my words as I read aloud his list of offenses that landed him where he was. I began to feel a certain rush, knowing the rest of the role play would involve a mock castration – a suitable punishment considering some of his offenses.. I continued on my list, pacing around him, I asked if he was guilty of each one. A soft and distant “yes, I’m guilty” spilled from his lips.

I had my silver medical table at his head, my tools laid out, ready for the mock procedure. Next to me, my little pet trembled and whimpered, truly terrified by the reality I had created for him. Much to my surprise, his safeword was never uttered, he was content with the all-consuming sense of damnation. He loved it….he needed it.

I removed the bag of ice I had set on his nether regions to dull the area as I began to shave him for surgery. I was rather gentle about it, making sure everything was perfectly smooth and exposed. My next step was to begin with the first incision, I used a dulled scalpel to mimic the pressure of being “cut” down there. He twisted violently, as if in absolute protest, yet his hard bobbing cock continued to make a mockery of all his resistance. I continued – using several clamps and piercings to create a sharp sensation for the procedure. The intensity of the cbt, coupled with the numbing of his genitals left him in such a state of shock – he truly believed for just a brief moment that this was all really happening. “I know I deserve this”….”I know I need this”, he whispered in a repetitious prayer.

“We’re almost done here”, I announced, dropping two walnuts into a small glass jar. He gasped at the sound… “Are those my…my…balls???”

I waved them in front of him, giggling as they shook in the jar. “Why yes, darling and now they belong to me. You clearly didn’t deserve them.”

I used some antiseptic to clean the area, removing the clamps as I wrapped the area with gauze. Of course he was entirely in tact, no actual cutting had occurred, but in his mind for that short period, this was all VERY real.

I leaned in close, whispering in his ear that if I ever found him again committing such foul crimes, I would be back for more than just his balls. He promised enthusiastically to follow any orders I gave him and he would do everything in his power to ensure he led a more admirable life. Satisfied with his atonement, I cut him loose, allowing him to examine his bandaged genitals. He smiled content, and reached in to give me a HUGE hug.

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