“On Call” sessions

I’ve done this before in other dungeons that I’ve held charge of with great success and I’m happy to give it a try here in my homestead!

The general idea of an “on call” session is this: If you have a flexible schedule and would like to take advantage of a session discount for that flexibility, you are welcomed to call/email and let me know your availability for the week. If I happen to have a lull in appointments, a cancellation or just need more playtime (and yes that does happen often), I will begin calling these individuals to come in for a little deviation.

The details

-Contact me via phone () or email (victoria.rage@yahoo.com) with your name, schedule, best way to reach you, preferences/limits and approx last time you came to see me (if applicable)

-Be Aware: I often call people with only an hour or two notice, rarely is it more than that.

-If you are called and can’t make it by the offered time, no problem. I can keep you on the list for the next opportunity.

-“On call” sessions do not guarantee booking. If I’m too busy or having a full(ish) day, I won’t call you. It’s entirely up to the flow of my day/week.

-You can put yourself in line for an “on call” session if you’d like, but if you are not called as you had hoped, you are still welcome to set a traditional appointment at the time of your choosing for the regular donation amount.

-Weekend stand by sessions are also available on occasion. If you know you’ll have some time on your hands on a Saturday and would like to get yourself on my agenda, feel free to shoot me a note. If I decide to work on a weekend I will let you know by Friday and will apply the “on call” discount.

-I don’t offer discounts at this time aside from “on call” sessions. Don’t ask.

  • The amount listed below is not flexible.

So what’s the discount???

30 minute sessions: Are $120 (reg $150) and are available ONLY to repeat visitors.

60 minute sessions: Are $175 (reg $200) and are available to repeat and new visitors. A pre session talk is always required for new visitors.

90 minute sessions: Are $350 (reg $400) and are available to repeat and new visitors.

Why an on call session?

Well, many of you lovely boys are in very specific situations….like you spanking lovers for instance. Wouldn’t you adore the thought of giving me your schedule then being summoned at a time of my choosing for a strict otk punishment? Hearing my voice as I order you to report to my dungeon?

Or those in chastity…I’m an incurable tease and MANY of you are on very unflinching pleasure/denial schedules. Wouldn’t you like a call from your favorite Mistress, purring in your ear that it’s time for you to come in for relief (or perhaps just some tease and denial if I’m in a particularly cruel mood)?

These are just a couple examples mind you, but for those who are interested – feel free to drop me a line.

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