Where did the monthly contest go????

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I pulled my monthly contest.

It’s sad I know, but as a first run experiment there were of course, a few glitches. Yes, apparently something so simple can still have glitches. Who would have guessed?

If you’re not familiar with the contest, the basic concept was this; if you sign up to follow my postings, I will enter your email address into a raffle. Every month I draw 1 winner and notify them they’ve won a 30 minute session with me. They had one week to schedule their session and 30 days to actually come in for it. They were free to use this time alone or add 30 minutes to any longer session they’ve booked. In exchange I reserved the right to document the session details HERE for my readers.

Like all well laid plans, things backfired to some degree. I will spare you the details, but I am happy to say I will be reinstating the contest with a few new requirements. I think rewarding my loyal readers is a wonderful idea and I will simply not be derailed.

The Rules

I will draw a winner at the beginning of the month as usual.

If I have not seen you before, the prize is a 30 minute webcam or phone session with me. No exceptions.

If I have seen you before and you have not been denied access to future appointments, the prize is 1 hour (yes really) of time with me in my dungeon.

You have 1 week from your initial notification email to schedule your session and you have until the last day of the month to come in and claim it. No exceptions.

I will only email someone TWICE to let them know they’ve won and I will only allow 1 week from the first notification to allow you to claim your prize. 

If you can’t make it work, I will select another winner and will let you have another chance next month.

If the prize goes unclaimed, I will not be drawing a second name that month.

I still reserve the right to document our playtime here (with your personal details removed for privacy) if I feel it’s going to be entertaining to read.

So why the new rules?

Well in short, this is supposed to be an enjoyable way to get closer to those who devoutly follow my writings. While I’d honestly love to use and abuse every one of you in person, the same rules for scheduling a traditional appointment should apply even if you are the winner of a contest….hence why I must have seen you previously to allow you into my space.

Seeing me requires a basic compatibility of interests, a sense of trust and bit of a rapport. I will never play with someone if I don’t feel all of these elements are present because very simply, I wouldn’t enjoy it. Knowing that a returning visitor will be coming in to claim the prize will be very enjoyable for both of us and not so much the Russian roulette that I allowed it to become with simply anyone who won the contest.

I am also not obligating myself to write about every session that I perform from this contest. I had a few that were simply foot massages or boys wanting to serve by cleaning my dungeon. These were very much appreciated but not really worthy of writing. Only sessions that inspire me to put my fingers on the keyboard will be documented.

With all of that said, I will be choosing a new winner March 1st so if you’re not signed up for updates now’s the time to register!

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