In between postings…

Ah boys, everytime few days slip by where I don’t post a little morsel of perversion here for your reading pleasure, in come the emails asking if I’ll be writing again soon. Your devotion to my filth is charming, but writing these blogs is VERY time-consuming, so sometimes you’ll just have to wait. Since they are FAR more enjoyable – live sessions will ALWAYS take presidence over writing.

I am happy to say that I’m nearly done with another jeremy posting. He’s gotten so much attention from me lately and I know you’re all just dying to hear about it. In fact  few of you have even asked what YOU could do to find yourself in the same position – helpless, mercilessly toyed with, and publicly humiliated. Well, one of my newest penitents has turned himself over for complete slave training. He longs for cruel and possessive treatment so I’ll be exploiting him here shortly as well. What fun! The curious thing is tht I’m shocked most o you don’t relize you could have your very own “jeremy treatment” (as one boy called it) by coming to see me yourself. Fantasize all you’d like, but it really could be YOU in his place.

In any event, the real reason that I’m writing is to tell you that I’m in the process of making a movie….It’s a CBT, NT and Bondage video with my very own slut “GC”, I’ll be posting a clip of it in the next few weeks before I release the full video for sale. Details to come!

Now to cap it off a photo of GC and I…

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One Thought to “In between postings…”

  1. gary Woldtvet

    My God are you really that beautiful? Mistrees Victoria Rage. Now my heart is palpatating again, oh you are so regal looking I would be honored to be stuck like a peice of chewing gum to your boots or sexy high heeled pumps.A hard slap in the face before licking your bare feet washing and sucking your toes. If your not a 100% satisfied I respond positively to a wooden paddle, riding crop and cane. You are incredible.Thankyou for your E-mails. Slave Gary No. Seattle

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