Why Twitter is now important to ME…

Unlike most of you, I was late to join the social media boom. I truly thought it would be  fad, Silly right? I dug my heels in  hard and refused to budge, surely email and traditional text messaging would prevail! The basics have been around forever they would outlast the crushing waves of new communication platforms. Riiiight?

Ah, well stubborn as I am, I’ve waited around and the cloud of social dust didn’t clear, I joined along and signed up.

Oediently, I’ve been using different forms of web-based socializing for over a year now, obviously each one has their own merits and downfalls so it has taken me a while to find the one that fits me. FB for example does not allow you to post adult content of links to adult content so I cannot link my website or blog, lest I face them deleting my account without warning. I now use FB strictly to chat about non kinky, non-essential blabber. If you recently “friended” me on that site and wonder why it’s suddenly pretty tame – that’s why.

Twitter on the other hand, is slightly better in its freedom of speech…so long as I can make my point in 140 characters.  Frustrating as that limitation may be, there is one major upside: most of you have a twitter feed on your phones. I’ve conducted an experiment and used it over the past month to announce openings in my schedule, occasional discounts or my availability for a slave to take me to lunch or  run some errands. It has worked wonders even though I have only a small circles of regular followers.

I will be using it more often, actually on a daily basis to announce free time I have available for sessions and other important “insider” notices. My WordPress and Twitter followers will also have first look at all new images as well as video and audio clips which are soon to come. If you’re a Twitter addict, feel free to “follow” me for those precious updates.  Depending on the success of this venture, you may see a decline in my ads in print publication, I suspect I may be well on my way to using Twitter to save me big bucks in ad costs!

Follow me here:  http://twitter.com/#!/VictoriaRage


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