Sadism Saturday

Saturday was full of sadistic indulgence for me, a new toy came to my dungeon, a young newbie with a lust for experimenting. He was simply beaming with excitement, nerves and anticipation – such a doll.

I know he is a regular reader of my little blog, so being that he will no doubt come across this posting, I’d really enjoy exposing him just a tad and tell a bit about our time together. It’s hard to recount the story of our entire scene without giving too much away as I plan to make him a regular piece of exploitation for you darling followers. That said, some details have been removed to ensure this boy’s privacy.

What I can say about him, is that he did come to me with a few very specific desires, the theme of this visit was “mock castration”.

I decided the role play would be this: He would come for a physical exam because he was experiencing difficulty controlling his sex drive. I, as a concerned and diabolical nurse would remove the problem by any means necessary.

My toy first had to endure a medical exam to see if there was any way I ould allow him to keep his cock. It seemed the need for his castration was simple… as it was,  he was pretty sexually disadvantaged to begin with. By that,  I  mean his cock was barely large to identify as a penis in the first place. In truth, I’d say it looked more like an oversized clit. You could tell there was a “protrusion” but that’s about it.

For all its lack in size, my slave paid too much attention to his unit during the week, masturbating on a daily basis, every morning  by clockwork. His 20 something year old hormones ravaged his judgment, making him entirely ruled by his little head. No matter, Doctor Rage is here to help!

I began with some VERY restrictive bondage….as far as I could recall, he could barely twitch his fingers once I had him properly restrained. It was all necessary, I couldn’t allow him to move very much with what I had in mind. The first test was to determine general sensitivity of the area,  clamps and clips were applied strategically up and down his tightly tied balls. He moved only slightly in response to this stimulation, far less than I had anticipated – it’s not a convincing argument to let  boy keep a cock he can barely feel. I teased the tense clips with a small crop, forcing agonized moans from his mouth. Finally, a little reaction, but not enough to satisfy me. I tugged and twisted the clips, bringing throbbing swells to the pressed skin.

On my medical table, I had laid out some cold, sanitized sounds, ready and waiting to be shoved deeply into my play toy’s awaiting parts. I quickly pulled the clips off, setting them gently to the side in preparation for the insertion. I showed him the length of the metal instrument, a full 12 inches long – 11 of which, I intended to slide inside of him. I whispered this to him gently, attempting to provide him some comfort – not much, but enough to relax him into a false sense of safety.

I held him firmly, splitting the tip of his cock with the metal rod. It fell into him effortlessly, his greedy cock eating up inch after inch of unflinching metal. His groans spilled out like a lullaby, sweetly rhythmic with a hint of tragedy and terror. I was mesmerized by how powerless and vulnerable he felt. I was entirely control of him, every limb restrained, every inch of him belonging to me.  I measured him from the inside out, gliding the told in and out of him, it was a beautiful violation.

When sounds are involved, my electro toys are never far behind…

I began to administer a bit of electro therapy, my last test before I would give a final diagnosis on his issue. To his credit, he endured a notable level of shock before it was painfully clear….as I expected, his cock was hopeless and would have to be removed.  I relished in telling him.

I prepped him for surgery.

Instead of the typical “balls only” sterilization process, this time I needed to remove everything. I donned my surgery gloves and further tied of his cock and balls, they quickly turned a delightful blue as they began to throb and pulse under the tension of my rope. A vice was also needed as I would remove the cock first. I tightly applied a cold metal vice to his cock and secured it to a level that left him yelping and attempting to squirm.

With a few preparing breaths, my slave accepted his fate and not so calmly waited for what was to come. I cannot share all the details on this one my darlings, but when all was said and done, my slave toy looked entirely distressed as I slapped him mockingly with a fake cock, telling him it was the one I had just removed. In the deep psychology of the moment, I had hoped dearly that he believed me…It seemed to me that he did.

I decided then and there it wasn’t enough to remove his tiny clit-stick, I was simply obliged to show him how dissatisfying it was, how truly inadequate and undersized he had been to all his past lovers. He confessed that on three separate occasions, his girlfriends had chastised him for being so dramatically undersized, why not show him exactly what it felt like? I waved the plastic cock in front of him, lubing it up. I had already tied his legs widely apart in anticipation of this moment, but it was quite a shock to him when I went in for the kill and abruptly raped his unprotected little asshole. I think back to the scene now with an incredible fondness. Apparently, so did he….he came back for another session several hours later.

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