A note for EVERYONE…

My lovely toys,

I am coming to a point in my Seattle career, where I am re-evaluating my advertising needs and beginning to favor less commercial avenues. Don’t stop reading yet, this concerns each and every one of you who have seen me or are considering seeing me in the future.

Running ads is a necessary evil, but it’s expensive and more ostentatious that I can handle on a continuing basis.  Now why is this important to you?

Well, for those who have seen me, you already know how to find me…but I am still accepting new visitors on a selective basis. Instead of having those individuals find me from some crass print publication or a packed online search engine, I am turning towards the various review boards in order to become a little more discreet in my solicitation. Discretion after all is paramount to my craft!

There are plenty of boards that cover the Seattle area and many of you are already members; those boards are TNA (http://tnaboard.com/)   TRB (http://www.thereviewboard.net/)  and TER(http://www.thereviewboard.net/)

I am ordering any of you fine sluts who have seen me in the past to post your comments on whichever board you happen to belong. If you are not presently a member, sign up, it’s free! Then Post!!!

Now, why would a Dominatrix use a review board?  I just knew you would ask! Simply put, the majority of visitors I see are new. They are just stepping into BDSM for the first time, though they have been curious for a while. I will continue advertising on major Domina Directories where more experienced BDSM players will know to look, but in the meantime, I will be gaining mass appeal to my largest demographic – free of charge. Review boards are free kiddies! It will also help these apprehensive newbies gain an objective opinion about what I do and how I made you feel in session.

Now the good part: I had mentioned in a post that I will be raising my prices when I come back from my upcoming vacation. This would apply to new visitors for the time being, but eventually the increase will be for everyone…..unless, I am saving hundreds (really) of dollars per month in ads. So – if you’d like to keep my tributes where they are, or perhaps even see specials offered once in a while, get off your ass and post a glowing review of your session experience. Don’t be shy, tell me it was YOU and I may be persuaded to reward (or punish) you appropriately.

Now get to it bitches and beasts!

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