The Expanding Playspace…

Darling Readers,

Over the past several days I have been contemplating my needs for my profession and personal BDSM enjoyment. As much as I love and adore my current dungeon space, I find myself wanting something slightly different, something that offers more possibility for change and evolution.

I am viewing potential spaces over the next few weeks but all are within a mile of my current location – don’t fret, I’m not leaving Seattle – not by a long shot.

The space I am eyeing with the most promise is a comprimise between  commercial and domestic settings.

Both offer plenty of benefits and drawbacks, but this will be a live/work loft with an expansive downstairs playroom (800 ft to be exact) with an open floor plan, full bathroom, free parking and a discreet enterance on the ground floor and concerete walls for excellent soundproofing.

I am particularly interested in this location because it allows for a full suspension set up as well as giving me the space and privacy needed for lengthy stays – overnight to a few days for some lucky boys.¬† I’d also have room for even more equiptment, prehaps that new fucking machine and full length cage/bed I’ve been eyeing…


Don’t get me wrong, my current get up is more than adequate for how I use it now, but I’m always one to want MORE. I’d like to start filming and posting videos for purchase for one, this would never work in my current location; and I’d like to start hosting D/s parties and events.

Anyhow, this isn’t something any of you need worry about just yet, but I did want to put it out there in case anyone has any suggestions. I am not dead set on any particular space just yet and a move isn’t likely to happen until at least August….but I am certainly open to hearing what you lovely toys have to say.

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  1. Al

    Have you completed your play space yet?

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