I crave latex!

I want…. (the clothing not the women….)

Latex Rubber Midnight Dress

Latex Rubber Incognita DressLatex Rubber Mistress JacketLatex Rubber Jubilee Jacket Dress

If you’re on my shit list,  here’s one way to get back in my good graces. I’m only half joking….

I forsee a shopping spree in my future when I return from vacation, and perhaps I will be kind enough to arrnage a latex only photo shoot when my desired items arrive.

Items and images from Honour Clothing Company http://www.honour.co.uk/


  1. Love these. I think I would enjoy wearing some of this in a session with you. Very hot, thanks for sharing your desires and tastes. I am a high heel guy too, can you post some heels you might like? Do you ever play with two boys who come to visit; maybe a forced-bi scene with two feminized boys?

    1. Sorry for taking more of your time, I meant for two boys to come to you who both want a session together. Not partners, just bi-curious and a first time playing together and first at all with a domme.

      I tried to go to your store links and they do not show a preferred color or size. Maybe the cookie didn’t transfer from Amazon or the site linked? I am asking size because I would think not all shoes fit the same. Want to get your what you need/want. Just a thought. And yes, I adore you and your wonderful blog.

    2. Sorry that link your put up goes to the login because it is wp-admin. So nerdy of me to know that. This nerd is going to find that entry; though I have read each one carefully and slowly.

  2. On my wishlist page, I am a 7/12 in all shoes. If half sizes are not available, a size 8 is perfect. Colors…well, I’m a shoe collector so ANY color is perfect.

    As for a forced bi session with two boys I’ve not met, I’d prefer to session with you each separately first. I would need to have a little familiarity before I impose something so intimate, but I think I’d enjoy it quite a bit!

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