Oh yessss….I’m back!

Yes, it’s true, if you call my phone I’ll actually pick up this time…assuming I am not otherwise in session of course!

I simply didn’t feel like myself, (and almost bored) not going through my regular daily routines. I truly missed playing with all you delightful little toys! Now that I’m getting back to the swing of things, I should say that I am already booked up for today (the 7th) with sessions that were prebooked via email. But fear not – I do still have plenty of availability on Sunday for those who’d like to see me on the weekend, then all next week for you Monday- Friday warriors!

Get your schedules in order and let’s get together….It’s going to take weeks for me to put this internal fire out! I feel like I’ve been carnally starved for the past 10 days – vacation or not, it’s unacceptable!

Did I ever tell you I’m insatiable? Now come hither boys….

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