Reviews and Discounts!

I had posted a blog before I went on vacation, requesting all those who had seen me, who were active members of local review boards to post a review of our encounter, aiding me in keeping the costs of my advertising down.

For those who don’t understand why the two are connected, I’ll tell you that even ONE positive mention posted to a local review board brings in a horde of new curious customers. There’s a confidence going into an appointment knowing that someone else has gone before you and not only survived, but had a phenomenal time. Having those additional customers has kept me from opening my wallet to advertising publications, thus saving me a huge chunk of change.

Now I will say, if you are not a member of a local review board, they are free to join and require no personal information whatsoever. You are welcome to join up at any time, but reviews are only credible if you’ve been on for a couple of weeks and have made more than one or two posts, so do be active or else it really won’t help.

What “boards” are you talking about?

I should also say that it is very important when you post that you refrain from any explicit information. I do require that you EMAIL me at what you’ll be posting. You will also include when you last saw me and your name so I can give you credit for your post. If I don’t know who you are – I can’t give you a discount for effort now can I?

So, what’s the discount? Well there are a few options for you actually…

A) 20 minutes of free social time before or after any appointment.

B) $30 off a HHR session

C) $20 off an HR session

D) $30 off a 90 min session

                                                                                                                                                                                    E) 15 minutes of free playtime added to any session length

Now, if you’ve seen me before but it’s been a while – don’t worry. If you remember (and I’m sure you do) the particulars of our appointment, feel free to post something and let me know. I’ll happily give you credit. It need not be a review of a RECENT visit, so long as you remember enough to give your critique a bit of shape. It doesn’t need to be chapters long, just a paragraph or two will work beautifully!

 I do, want to say a VERY heart-felt thank you to all of those who have participated so far. It’s made a HUGE difference  – so much so that I’m going forward to schedule another photo shoot June 5th. It’s lovely to see my earnings to back into my fetishes instead of the hands of ad venues!

Now, enjoy your evening darlings….

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