A Verbal Spanking

I absolutely adore my job, though I am asked quite often how I keep the excitement alive (for myself) when doing all these sessions day in and day out.

The truth is, I’m still shocked that I’m even able to do this on such a constant basis, it’s my personal addiction and ultimately it’s VERY gratifying. To be forntunate enough to have made it a profession still smazes me. I do of course, have my preferences for certain scenes and certain attitudes within my playmates but I enjoy variety as well – so no matter who I’m playing with as long as they are responsive, polite and “into” what we’re doing, I’m guaranteed to enjoy it immensely and in return will put that ravenous energy back into the person I am with.

Of course, with all the exceptional playthings I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy, there’s always a handful that like to cross boundaries, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes very directly – but here’s the one type of scene or client that I DO NOT enjoy. We’ll call him, Mr. Oblivious.

Chances are, I’ve seen Mr. Oblivious once or twice. We’ve developed a rapport and are enjoying each others fetishes to deeper and deeper extents. A trust and personal chemistry may have been established as well with this visitor and by now he’s feeling quite comfortable with me, and I with him….that is, until he opens his mouth to say something that shatters the mood.

99% of the time it will be proposition me on the spot for some sexual favor OR asking me to remove my clothing. Ah…It’s always disappointing for me when this happens, because I *know* I’m not about to cross my boundaries for anyone, but now, in the tension of the moment I must either tactfully (if I would still like to play with this person) decline him and change the subject OR stop the scene and explain why such offerings are NOT available. He has put me on the spot and despite how I naturally feel in the moment, I must display an incredible amount of tact while handling the situation as needed.

Thankfully, most of the time Mr. Oblivious get’s the point the fist time. I don’t have to lecture him on why saying such a things it totally inappropriate – but every now and then, my “hint” goes right over his head and he continues “Oh, do you ever take your top off” , “ohhh I’d like to use this strap on on YOU Mistress”…Wow REALLY? He now risks me simply smacking him in the mouth for sheer stupidity.

Oh Mr. Obvlious, you are so lucky I have attended anger management because THESE comments are simply NEVER acceptable. I’m your Mistress, and though not every visitor who comes through my door is submissive, I do demand respect and observance of my personal limits. These visitors who cross such lines will never see the inside of my dungeon again – there is appropriate dirty talk (and I do LOVE it) and then there’s just pushy clients who want me to fuck them or give them special privileges that I don’t extend to others professionally.

Now, again these instances are rare, but when they happen I will always let you know you’re crossing a line. You will notice my immediate disinterest and a polite comment to correct you. Push it, and your session is over.

And while I’m visiting the topic of boundaries, I will have you all know that asking me out, asking me to remove my clothing, asking me for any sexual favor is all unwelcome. Innocent or not, I don’t appreciate it. I just want to make sure that’s doubly clear for the two boys I’ve had to recently corret, and do take this as a stern warning if you have ever been guilty of these things as well.

Keep in mind, I happily engage in highly personal and highly erotic BDSM with many people, I need personal space after all is said and done. My ability for my visitors to respect me, my limits and my space is what keeps my in this business to begin with. I am a Professional Mistress and I am not looking to expand on that with anyone. I do not give certain visitors “bonuses”, I do not ever get fully nude for appointments, and I certainly don’t take off my clothes because your horny and you ask me to. Grow up or don’t ask to be granted a session.

Outside of my profession I enjoy a life where I am NOT SINGLE, I have had a significant other for 11 years and my sexuality belongs to this person. I will gladly tease and torment almost all of you until your balls are so blue you wish you’d been born without them, but ultimately you’ll need to go elsewhere to get fucked. Oh – and if I ever have crossed a line with a client – it’s becasue they damn well earned it…I mean they nearly walked though hell for it….but they never asked for it 😉

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