Bitchy Girl Birthday Party

A couple of years back, I owned a dungeon in Florida.

I was blessed to have a location with a VERY private fenced in yard that allowed for some rather scandalous outdoor play. Some of my most treasured scenes were had in that private space, since it made messy play much more possible!

I was recently thinking back to one session in particular, it was a “birthday party” I held in honor of my favorite humiliation slave.

He had been a client, follower and pampering boy of mine for nearly 2 years, and at that point, I felt his continued devotion deserved a little reward…and a firm reminder of why he’d never see a Mistress more devious, creative and cruel than I.

In any event, this boy regularly came by to tend my yard and keep things beautiful. I don’t know how to weed plants, mow a lawn or anything “outdoorsy” so this very quickly became his job. One particular day he was scheduled for a little maintenance, it also happened to be his birthday. He was to stop by briefly for his service, then be released to do whatever his friends had in store for him a few hours later…or so he thought.

I had planned far in advance to have my entire dungeon (5 other apprenticing Mistresses) swing by for a few hours. Outside we had set up a spread complete with a large sheet cake, bowl of punch and a few “party games”. I admit it looked much like the sort of birthday we all probably had thrown for us as children, but this would be slightly more sinister.

Everything looked innocent enough, especially with the Mistresses and I standing around in sandals and summer dresses. Much to my surprise,  he didn’t catch on for the first few minutes that this was a total ambush; and I thought this was such a clever boy!

First, was a game of anal ring toss!

My boy was stripped and on all fours before I even realize who gave him the command! The ladies and I inserted a nice long sheath/pole deep inside his ass, which stuck out about a full foot. It looked quite uncomfortable but entirely amusing. He wiggled it around to get a rise out of us while the ladies and I had made a  wager on the winner of the party games.

We each stood in line with our multicolored hoops, tossing in vain at the pole in our little slaves ass, just 10 feet away. As easy as tossing a ring around pole may sound – it’s not, especially when you’re laughing hysterically. He wiggled his ass back and forth trying to avoid to hoops for reaching their goal. Sadly, I didn’t win this round, but I did almost piss myself laughing.

Next was a version of a water balloon toss….only the women would be the only ones tossing; little pig boy would just be a target!

This time, to avoid any undesired squirming, we just tied him to a tree – we used rope sparingly to leave as much exposed skin as possible.  Simple is just better sometimes! We all took our aim, splattering him with the contents of our little balloons. How funny that it took him a while to realize that not ALL of them were filled with water. You see, during the prep for this party, the ladies and I had taken turns filling some of the balloons with our sweet golden juices. Ah, yes – the yellow balloons were filled with nothing but piss and now pig boy was starting to smile ear to ear no matter how hard we were pegging him.

It didn’t take long to exhaust our supply of ammunition so we decided to take a leisurely break by serving up some cake. Pig boy didn’t get a chance to have a slice of it like a dignified human being, but instead, he got to enjoy whatever had been squashed into his mouth as Mistress Magdeline smashed his face into the center of the cake. Our boy was getting rather filthy at this point, I’m sure it didn’t help that we joined in on adding to the mess by grabbing handfuls of cake and throwing it at our boy. I vaguely remember making my hold still while I ground frosting in his hair, but there was really a lot going on at this point.

He couldn’t have been enjoying himself more, entirely covered in frosting, cake and urine, we began to take notice of his VERY erect cock and so decided to take a few extra tosses with the ring toss hoops.

Our final game would be a simple one – darts. Only this just involved us drawing a half assed dart board on his back while the 5 of us spat on him. No one was aiming…we just spat…and spat….

Ah, then from the corner of the yard his cell phone started ringing. Bummer. His friends were coming to get him in nearly no time so we had to hose him off like a little dog and get him to again look somewhat presentable.

I can’t deny that we made him beg to be hosed off…or that he was made to bark like a dog and use the bathroom in front of all of us…but I can’t really confirm it either.

He was given a nice long blast of the cool hose water, rinsing off almost ever stitch of evidence that a good time was had at his expense. He was quite pleased with his surprise party, but alas – he was erect as could be and no one was about to let him back into the house where he would almost certainly attempt to relieve himself.

Being the attentive hostess that I am, I poured him a nice big glass of punch and ordered him to beat his little stick off until his spilled into his beverage. We were all in hysterics when it took him less than a full minute before he was convulsing. Not even a minute man!

Then when he had regained his composure he shocked us all with his gentlemanly behavior. Raising his cum-punch in the air he offered a toast to us, and promptly downed the contents of his cup.

A wonderful birthday indeed!

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