New CBT Inversion Rack…

It’s a bad picture, but you know I’ll post a better one later

I absolutely loooove this thing and it’s far more versatile than I thought when purchasing it! You see, I can literally turn someone to any degree of incline/decline, I can even turn them face down, hovering above my floor. The wonderful thing that this photo does not show, it that the legs spread and lock into place….there’s plenty of room for me to perform very invasive cbt or anal procedures depending on my mood.

In any event, I will be shooting a video with GC on the 5th using this little table so you’ll get a chance to see it in action. OR…better yet, you can always coe see for yourself first hand, which is ALWAYS my preference. Just wanted to post a little tease in the meantime!

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5 Thoughts to “New CBT Inversion Rack…”

  1. Will

    that looks dangerous 🙂

  2. gregory

    looks quite versatile, 360 degrees of control!

  3. gregory

    how strange… the top half reminds me of the cute little robot in Wall-e, but i suppose i wouldn’t be thinking of that if i was trapped in it.

    1. Omg lol….very cute…but you’re right. I doubt you’d be thinking about a kids movie while bound up in this devious thing!

      1. gregory

        Indeed, i’m certain i would be thinking about your feet, especially if i was inverted to your lovely foot level.

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