3 comments on “The Submission of Chastity

  1. i have often thought of ‘enforced’ chastity as being a liberating experience. yes, i said ‘liberating’ for handing over the keys to one’s sexuality would/could free up so much of your time and mental energy.

    it would be pointless to spend hours at your computer looking at things to stimulate yourself as it would just be a tease and fruitless. and to hand over such control to a Goddess would be the ultimate submission

    alas i could financial realities don’t allow me to pursue such a relationship with a pro-Domme or i would have been knocking on Victoria’s door when She was in Portland…

    • The distance between us would make for an interesting arrangement. I’m not entirely convinced you are outside your means to do this with me….. A face to face encounter may be out of the question but webcams and US Mail do make wonderful tools of chastity enforcement.

      I do like the idea of you banging down my door to hand over your manhood…. Ah, that’s a cheerful thought!

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