The Submission of Chastity


Have you ever toyed with the idea of chastity?

Being sexually owned and imprisoned by a woman is perhaps one of the most erotic forms of domination that exists! Many would shy away from the idea, thinking plainly, that any form of constant denial would be entirely non-erotic and pointless. If you fall into this camp, you might be mistaken.

For the most part, I’ve noticed my visitors tend to deal with their lusts at home with a lot of meaningless self-satisfaction. I’m certainly not thumbing my nose at masturbation, but rather making a point that when you get off constantly or are just going through the motions instead of making it a little bit of an “event”, it loses a lot of its excitement. You do it, just to get it done….like eating dinner or sleeping. That sounds a bit lack luster to me.

I’m going to make my point now by speaking in generalizations, simply because the only data I base my comments on, is what I get from my visitors.  So, if this doesn’t fit you, or only fits you slightly, don’t assume my views are stone solid. Everyone is going to be a little different.

Now, when you first discovered sexuality, it was exciting, wasn’t it? You can probably remember a lot from your early love life because it was all so fresh and new. Moments were savored, effort was made, and you may have even looked forward to a few minutes where you can settle in and “get off”. It was something to be looked forward to.

 In our adult lives, sexual freedom is something most of us take for granted. We have lovers, sex toys and when all else fails – you can take matters into your own hands. It’s very simple to satisfy your needs whenever they arise making it a little less exciting when the time comes to take care of business.

Now with that said, imagine if things weren’t so easy. You have to wait for an opportunity to be allowed out of a chastity device, locked either lovingly or cruelly around you by a controlling woman. Your cock – your very masculinity – belongs to her. The keys to the device, left in her possession speaks volumes to the dynamic and exchange of power that has taken place.

Intensity escalates here dramatically. During the day, you suddenly become VERY aware each and every instance of arousal, the cool plastic of the device lying coyly between your legs, serving as a constant reminder of your position.

How long will you be locked up this time? When will you see your key holder again? Will she allow you an orgasm or simply tempt you with the idea of being let out for a while? There’s a LOT of anticipation now, your thoughts are much more focused and the very quality of your orgasms (if allowed) are now FAR more earth shattering. Why? Because they’ve become a reward….or an extravagance.

I’ve been using this method of control faithfully for about 7 years in both my personal and professional live. I do believe there’s a certain art to it, I’d never lock up someone just because I can, they have to WANT…no NEED me to have this kind of control. I make them beg me to take them this way, otherwise, I doubt their sincerity. Getting someone to that submissive mind-set is no easy task, but ultimately, when it does happen, it’s an incredible moment of control and intimacy. 

For me, I “get off” on the dynamic of the situation. I’m free to do as I please while my darling pets stay helplessly caged until *I* decide to take them out and rock their world. Holding their keys means I own them sexually; they and their man hood, belong entirely to me. What freedom I allow or deny, is entirely at my whim and the gratitude I receive from those boys in those precious moments is more intimate than I could possibly out into words.

This blog was inspired simply by the keys I have in my jewelry box – you see, I wear them necklace charms. Each one individually corresponds to a CB6000 device locked around a boy who has devoted himself to me entirely. I now possess about 22 keys, each once worn separately for my own personal amusement whenever the mood strikes me. It’s just the sort of kinky thing that makes me happy.

Now, if I’ve stirred your curiosity (winston), do let me know!

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3 Thoughts to “The Submission of Chastity”

  1. i have often thought of ‘enforced’ chastity as being a liberating experience. yes, i said ‘liberating’ for handing over the keys to one’s sexuality would/could free up so much of your time and mental energy.

    it would be pointless to spend hours at your computer looking at things to stimulate yourself as it would just be a tease and fruitless. and to hand over such control to a Goddess would be the ultimate submission

    alas i could financial realities don’t allow me to pursue such a relationship with a pro-Domme or i would have been knocking on Victoria’s door when She was in Portland…

    1. The distance between us would make for an interesting arrangement. I’m not entirely convinced you are outside your means to do this with me….. A face to face encounter may be out of the question but webcams and US Mail do make wonderful tools of chastity enforcement.

      I do like the idea of you banging down my door to hand over your manhood…. Ah, that’s a cheerful thought!

      1. is it ‘my’ manhood still?

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