New Fall Schedule & New Photos!!!!

Alright, I know it’s not officially Fall just yet, but I’m seeing leaves change color and pile up on sidewalks so to me, it’s time to implement this new schedule that I’ve been looking forward to for a loooong time.

I will no longer be sticking with dedicated days off, I know most of you enjoy knowing my availability like the back of your hand, but reality says we all have fluctuating schedules that sometimes need a little wiggle room. Even on my days off, I’m getting calls from my beloved regulars asking oh so politely for just an hour of my time, and while I have almost always permitted a few stolen moments, it’s not doable on a long-term basis…

So here we go….I’ll be writing a new schedule every week and will post it to the welcome page & booking page of my website. It will be updated on a daily basis so you’ll be well aware if I decide to take a day off, shift my hours or open up a day off that I had otherwise decided to take to myself. I will never take a day off if someone has already booked an appointment with me, so don’t fret, if we make a commitment to see each other, I will honor it.

I think this is probably going to work best for EVERYONE, so feel free to check out my calender here

…and as an extra incentive to check out my changes, I’ve also added several new photos over there from my very recent shoot.

You will notice while today and Sunday are normal “off” days to me – I’m very much available. Now, come play darlings!

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