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In the aftermath of the recent shut down of TRB (The Review Board), many people find themselves without a place to advertise, communicate or find a lady to spend some time with. It’s truly a shame that the board was so abruptly taken down, many of us found places like that to be a social hub aside from just a place to browse a few ads.

My condolences currently go out mostly to the ladies who advertised exclusively on that board, as at the moment, all of their reviews are gone with the board’s take down. It’s very frustrating to have to start from new with another venue, but rest assured for those who aren’t already aware there are some wonderful alternatives.

Top Hat Reviews: www.tophatreviews.com

This review board is very much a civil and open forum. There’s no drama, harassment isn’t allowed, but you are openly welcome to post unedited comments and reviews as you see fit. so long as they are accurate and honest.

Traffic here has spiked dramatically in the shut down of TRB, in fact many ladies have also posted here on the side for years. I suspect it will be the new “home board” of those who are just now crossing over. It does have a better layout – possibly the most user-friendly board I’ve ever seen so don’t be intimidated by a little change. Bonus: all the sections are nicely kept separate so ads don’t get pushed out of sight by conversational postings. Last but not least, the mod Winston Wolf, is Ultra Responsive and very dedicated to resolving any and all issues brought to his attention in a timely manner.

TNA Board: www.tnaboard.com

On this board, there’s a massive selection; everything and everyone is allow. It can be a little rough around the edges, but it’s a self moderated forum. Yes, there are still MODS available when things cross a certain line, but many well established posters keep things in check before it goes too far. You’ll see MANY types of ladies here, the selection can be very overwhelming, but before booking with ANYONE just make sure to search her name in the rob/no show section. You can still find some wonderful choices here without breaking a sweat, but most importantly, there is a strong sense of community in the Lounge and Seattle Discussion sections. Reviews and ads here will be a little more explicit here so don’t be shocked by the content if you are used to a more censored venue.

I hope this helps… Poon on my friends!

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