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One Thought to “Have You ever kicked a set of balls hard enough to render them permanently useless, Domina Victoria?”

  1. Richard

    Dear Mistress Rage,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic blog. It is a pleasure to read something that has been written by what the French refer to an ‘amateur’ – from the Latin, meaning a true lover of the genre. It is clearly written by someone with a real understanding of the art of BDSM. I have been a happy recipient of CBT from a number of professionals over more years that I care to remember. Reading your blog and, in particular, the piece entitled “A Review From A Dear Ball Busting Play Toy” made me realise what a wonderful Mistress you must be! Unfortunately, I live in the UK and doubt I will ever get the chance to visit you.
    The review mentioned could have been written by me – even down to the boxing gloves. I presented my mistress with a pair a long time ago and they still get frequent use. I would agree with your reviewer that the upper cut is a fearsome weapon but you should not miss out on the straight jab. This, like the upper cut, presses the balls against the body with the result that all of the force of the blow is expended on the balls. The other trick is to get the subject standing upright, with legs apart – ideally on a low bench or stool. This ensures that the target area is at the optimum height for the boxer. I sure we would all wish to avoid you suffering any back pain in the pursuit of your art!
    Anyway, very best wishes from a fan in the UK and I hope 2012 provides you with lots of fun and naughty frolics.
    Richard xxx

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